The Secrets to Effective Video Content Planning From the Top Production Companies in LA

According to some of the top production companies in LA, video content is increasingly becoming more popular among digital marketers. So, before you lose out on its many benefits, why not start producing video content to boost your marketing campaigns?

The video production process starts with the pre-production stage, where you discuss video content planning and logistics. It is where you introduce to the creative team the image and content that you wish to show your audience.

Below are some of the most essential video content planning tips that will help save you time, effort, and money.

  1. Target your video content to a specific set of customers. Through this, you can project better an authentic and relevant story. Know their interests and show how your products can be of service.
  2. Never cram all of your products into one video. When presented with too much information, customers tend to get discouraged from viewing more.
  3. Draft a script that relates to your customers. Get inputs from your marketing team or from anyone in the company who interacts with customers the most. Write and re-write it until you create the script that works most effectively.
  4. The first few seconds into your video should be able to capture your audience’s attention.
  5. Forge a bond with your viewers by being transparent and authentic. You want your audience to see you as an expert in your field. With this, they will place their trust in your brand.
  6. The sequences presented in the storyboard will guide everyone on your team during the production stage. Identify the type of shots to be used for the scene. Finalize the location, the kind of lights and angles needed and so on. Also, don’t forget to make a shot list to go along with the storyboard.
  7. The production schedule helps you document and check if your project is going as planned. Identify the location, scenes/shots, equipment, date and time and the people needed during the shoot for accountability. As a rule of thumb, give yourself more time to prevent unforeseen scheduling, shooting, and post-production conflicts.
  8. Personally visit the location to improve your production schedule. Preview each scene and update your storyboard and shot list with actual, accurate pictures.
  9. Check what equipment you already have before ordering new ones.
  10. When hiring professional actors, check first within your company. There could be someone in your HR, marketing, or sales department who might work well for the scenes. 

If you are considering adding video content to your marketing campaigns and have the ability to bring in a professional team, working with the top production companies in LA is a good way to guarantee your video(s) will meet “pro” standards and maximize their chance for success.

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