The Qualities of a Great Training Video

Training or lecture videos are great instructional content that is very helpful for visual learners. But, how do you make a good training video that not only provides knowledge but is also engaging to its viewer? If you are planning a training video production in Austin and need quick guidance, we’ve listed down some of its top qualities below.

Content Qualities

First, let’s take a look at the content factors that make a good instructional video.

It has a learning objective.

A good training video has one learning objective that must be achieved by the end of production. Identify this goal before proceeding with your plans and strategies.

It is created for the learner.

While the video may be a promotional tool for your brand, remember that it is created for the learners (your audience) first and foremost. So the story, language, music, and other elements must make sense to the learner.

It is quick and easy to understand.

The video content must have structure and logical sequence to make sure that the learner will easily understand the content and not be left wondering how to follow the instructions and get the same results.

It is relevant and memorable.

Be sure that the content contains information needed by the learner and that it’s easy to remember without having to go through the video over and over again.

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Technical Qualities

Let’s move on to the shooting and production stage of the training video.

The shots are steady.

You don’t want your video to be shaky since it will be distracting for the learners. So, place your camera on stable holders or surfaces.

It has good lighting.

The trainer/instructor, the objects, and the whole shot should be exposed with good lighting to make it well lit.

The shots are in focus.

Blurry shots will derail the whole video as they will hinder the learner from clearly seeing content that they desire to learn.

It has clean and crisp audio.

The visuals must also be accompanied by good audio with little background noise that will distract the audience. Anyone talking should be clear and easy to understand. Bonus if subtitles are also added to the video.

When making your training video production in Austin, make sure that you have all these qualities in check. Or, you may also turn to experts such as Brandefy to help you out.

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