The Power of Corporate Videos in Increasing ROI

At the start of 2021, digital marketing has become an integral element for numerous businesses’ corporate operations. Not to mention, using effective methods when it comes to navigating through the digital clutter has never been more important than ever before. This is also the reason why a lot of businesses are capitalizing on the return on investment (ROI) that video can provide. According to a recent survey from HubSpot Research, more than half of consumers expect videos from businesses more than any other type of content. This is absolutely a clear sign that companies should utilize corporate videos if they want to engage with their customers in a more natural and wholesome way.

If you’re wondering why video is such a good investment, here are some of the major reasons:

Video is one of the most shareable pieces of content on the internet

81% of business professionals watch marketing videos for the products and services they are involved with on a daily basis.

If you don’t include visuals with your marketing content, you can forget about obtaining shares. People want to share a message that makes them feel something, in the hopes that it may motivate others as well. What does this imply for a business? It all comes down to promoting their brand. When there’s a video, the higher the chance it will happen.

Emotion is necessary for influencing consumer behavior

Everyone can attest to the fact that videos have the power to elicit strong and emotional reactions. Videos may evoke an emotional response, whether it’s joy, amusement, surprise, or any other feeling. With corporate video production, you can easily connect with your target audience by triggering emotional responses. Brand recognition depends on generating a strong, lasting impression. And when your customers remember you, they will surely grab one of your products once they get the chance to do so.

Video can significantly boost your sales

Compared to any other type of marketing medium, videos have a highly promising ROI. According to the majority of organizations that utilize it, corporate video production provides a high return on investment. Not to mention if the trend didn’t generate revenue, many businesses would have abandoned videos a long time ago.

The number of corporate videos consumed every year continues to rise, implying that the world has fully embraced this marketing material.

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