The Importance of Sound in Top Production Companies in Los Angeles

Did you know? Sound is an element of video production that is often disregarded or ignored. However, top production companies in Los Angeles consider “sound” as one of the most significant ingredients of an appetizing video.

Your audience may be able to accept a video that is not visually captivating, but they will surely ignore one that has bad sound. In interview-based advertising, 80% of the information that viewers receive comes from the sound. Thus, if your marketing video has bad audio, it is very unlikely for your message to get across to your audience with all sound cracks and clutters.

For someone who takes advantage of video marketing, it is extremely vital to invest in good audio. Here is a checklist of factors that you need to consider if you want to ensure that your video project is both visually and auditorily appealing to your audience:

Background Noise

Noise interference is a common factor that is detrimental towards achieving good audio. You need to be mindful of the various noises that you may be able to capture while shooting. As much as possible, do your best to minimize these obstructions if you want to get a clean audio track.

Invest in a Quality Microphone

Cameras have built-in microphones, but using them as the primary tool to record sound is a big no-no. You should consider investing in a high-quality microphone that can help you record sound more effectively. May it be a personal mic or a shotgun microphone, acquiring a good tool for your audio recordings is beneficial in every way. 

Consider the Shoot Location

Shooting indoors versus shooting outdoors completely makes a big difference when it comes to audio production. It is imperative to realize that the location is crucial in terms of producing clear audio. For instance, shooting in an echoing convention center can greatly impact the quality of sound. Therefore, you should always equip yourself with strategies that can help you adjust from location-related conditions that can hinder you from capturing clear audio.

In conclusion, top production companies in Los Angeles are already utilizing high-end video production tools that can help you record the clearest sounds needed for your video project. Hiring video production professionals is also one way of saving yourself from errors that may ruin your video. So, if you want to guarantee that both your video and audio quality standards are met, hiring a team of experts is the best way to make things happen.

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