The Benefits Of Having Your Los Angeles Production Company Film With Drones

Drones are incredibly useful for taking unique shots during the filming process. In fact, sometimes, you may want your Los Angeles production company to add a few simple drone shots to your video, — it may just be the thing you need to bring a fresh perspective to your video. When you’re feeling extra creative, you can also mix and match your drone shots with other filming techniques.

Still not convinced? Here are a few benefits to filming with a drone:

Improved Cinematography

Who doesn’t love scenic aerial shots? Take this as the perfect opportunity to shoot establishing shots for your video. Capture wide shots of greenfield and city landscapes. Emphasize the number of participants during a momentous public holiday or event. Add a drone shot to the beginning of your video to set its overall mood. Remember to consider the location’s lighting when you’re shooting to further improve the shot overall.

Added Intensity

Filming stories with a lot of fast-paced action can be done much more effectively with a drone’s knack for capturing motion shots as well. Keep in mind that this doesn’t limit you to only filming action movies and shorts. Try it out in a few different scenarios. For example, you can fly drones to get closer shots of the athletes during sporting events. This makes it less distracting for the players in contrast to seeing you manually running into the area and shooting using a handheld device. As a result, you’ll get more authentic shots of them during their best performances when they’re in the zone.

Bonus: Location Scouting

You may also want to fly a drone when you’re considering new filming locations. In other instances, for example in a more corporate video setting, drones are used to identify the size of an area. This makes it more convenient for your team as opposed to having everyone physically travel to a certain location. In doing so, you’re also saving quite a few resources, as well.

It’s worth noting that regardless of your intentions for using a drone, the content of your video should always come first. Drones can make a huge difference regardless of your production’s size and value. However, before you fly a drone, make sure you stay on top of the regulations regarding its use. These may vary from area to area, so it’s best to consult a Los Angeles production company or other agencies who can inform you of the proper protocol.

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