Why Media Buying and VSEO Matter

A commercial or web video without proper distribution is nothing more than an expensive home video.  While this is a bitter pill to swallow, it is entirely true, as getting your commercial or web video production seen by the right audience is just as – if not more – important as the production itself.  Now that you’ve invested in a stellar production and have presented your brand in the best light possible, how do you get it out there?

Media Buying

How do you go about buying air time on TV for your new commercial, DRTV or infomercial production?  Lucky for you, we’ve partnered with the best media buying & PR agency in Los Angeles to bring you unparalleled service on this front.  From buying time on national cable to network stations and satellite providers, we give brands a seamless experience.  Whether a seasoned pro or a newcomer to the world of television, you can rest assured we strive to bring brands unbeatable value and over-deliver in every way.

Video Search Engine Optimization (VSEO)

We all know Google is the #1 search engine in the world.  But what’s #2?  Believer it or not … it’s YouTube.  More people search YouTube than Bing or any of the other competitors out there.  And since YouTube is owned by Google, the cross-over from searching on one service to the other is inevitable.  Due to Google’s parental relationship with YouTube, it has been proven time and time again that you are over 50x more likely to be found on the web if you promote yourself using video content.

So how does VSEO work?  It is very similar to “regular” SEO, but instead uses your web video(s) to create visibility and draw attention to your content (and thereby brand).  We use a variety of VSEO techniques to optimize your video’s YouTube page and create a variety of backlinks that establish a very direct link between your video(s) and website.

The purpose of VSEO is naturally to create visibility, not only to the human eye, but to Google’s complex spiders that constantly look for relevance between websites and the content linking back to them.  Combining VSEO with more traditional SEO techniques drastically enhances your chances of landing on the front page of Google for your desired keywords.

Because search engines assign huge significance to web videos, it is crucial to put your web video to use and optimize it to the max.  This will ensure that with proper VSEO techniques, your video(s) will directly lead to better ranking of your website and all such content of your company.  A business that doesn’t properly optimize its video content will clearly miss out on these strategic advantages that VSEO offers.

In addition to providing spectacular video production services, Brandefy offers a range of VSEO solutions that can be used in combination with your TV commercial or web video production or with your already existing video content.