Social Media Video Production Guide: Things To Remember About Video Storytelling

What distinguishes memorable content from forgettable content is the ability to tell a compelling story. To create brand awareness and loyalty, telling a compelling story has many advantages. Unfortunately, there is no secret recipe for nailing the perfect storyline, however there are a few social media video production tips you can do to enhance the narrative of your next project.

Video Production for Social Media

Here we’ve listed several of the most important video storytelling practices when producing a video for social media.

1. Concentrate on emotion

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It really doesn’t matter what emotion you choose for your visual story. There’s no limit to the emotions you can provoke with your video. As long as they’re presented truthfully, they’ll have an impact.

Your video’s script, visuals, characters, and subjects should all achieve this. It’s important to note that a video’s story is the most effective way to convey emotion. Begin with a relatable notion, add a layer of conflict, and conclude with a resolution.

Ensuring that the script, visuals, characters, and subjects all align with this structure can help you create a video that effectively conveys emotion. Remember, the story serves as the backbone of the video, enabling the audience to immerse themselves in the narrative, connect with the characters or subjects, and experience a range of emotions throughout the video’s duration.

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2. Shift your perspective

When producing a video, keep in mind that your perspective is inevitably biased. Rather than emphasizing why your goods or services are superior as told by an employee, tackle your video from the standpoint of someone who knows nothing about your brand. This increases the relatability and rememberability of your story, allowing you to connect with a more targeted audience.

Adopting the perspective of an outsider allows for a better understanding of the needs, concerns, and questions that potential customers may have when encountering your brand for the first time. This understanding enables you to address those aspects in your video, making it more accessible and relatable to individuals who are unfamiliar with your products or services.

By acknowledging and consciously overcoming your own bias, you can create a video that speaks directly to the target audience and resonates with their specific interests and preferences.

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3. Have a casual and informal approach

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In social media video production, it’s important to avoid sounding stuffy or corporate. Your message should be genuine, your tone conversational, and your voice should not be forced or fake. Similarly to how you want to emulate your viewer’s perspective, adopting their voice will help them in connecting with the content.

Remember, the key is to strike a balance between professionalism and relatability. While it’s essential to maintain a level of credibility, it is equally important to create an atmosphere that encourages viewers to engage with your video in a personal and meaningful way. By adopting a genuine, conversational tone and using the viewer’s voice, you can effectively connect with your audience and foster a stronger connection with your brand.

4. Consider the images you intend to use

It’s no secret that what you see on a screen influences how you feel. This is why visuals are indispensable in social media video production. How? You could create a sense of loneliness and emptiness by using dark colors and an unadorned background. The use of vibrant colors in combination with bright sunshine represents happiness. Together with audio, visuals are the primary engines of your story, so make sure to utilize them effectively.

Visuals are indeed the primary engines of a story, capable of creating a wide range of emotions. Whether it’s conveying a sense of loneliness and emptiness through dark colors and an unadorned background or invoking feelings of happiness through vibrant colors and bright sunshine, the effective utilization of visuals and audio can greatly enhance the storytelling experience, leaving a lasting impression on the audience.

5. Utilize sound wisely

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High-quality sound that enhances your visual tale is essential, as is a skilled editor who can bring everything together. Be sure to use diegetic sound, such as a person speaking or ambient noise, voice-over, and music if necessary. Oftentimes, the most dynamic and compelling videos are produced by combining these sound techniques.

The effective use of high-quality sound is paramount in enhancing the visual tale. Employing techniques such as diegetic sound, voice-over, and music can elevate the storytelling experience, engaging the audience on a deeper emotional level. With the expertise of a skilled editor, these audio and visual elements can be seamlessly woven together, resulting in a captivating and memorable video.

Final Thoughts

Whatever style of video you produce, how long it is, or who your intended audience is, presenting a compelling story should always be a key objective. Effective storytelling is critical for brand visibility, interaction, and conversions, not to mention brand image, so when making your next social media video production, keep everything from sound to graphics, viewpoint, tone, and emotion in mind.

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