Smartphone Video Production: Can It Be Better Than Professional Video Production?

You may have encountered Apple commercials in which they proudly declare that the video was Shot on iPhone. These advertisements exhibit exceptional composition, lighting, cinematography, and production quality, implying to ordinary entrepreneurs that they too can create their smartphone video, whether for personal purposes or otherwise, using their mobile devices. This could potentially save them the expenses associated with hiring a video production company.

Nevertheless, we’re here for the facts. It is crucial to recognize that while these commercials indeed used iPhones for filming, they also enlisted the services of a skilled team and that is a FACT. But this doesn’t imply that shooting video content on your phone is without merit. Its effectiveness depends on the nature of the content and your specific utilization.

In this article, we will go over the advantages and disadvantages of smartphone video, helping you make informed decisions on how to create your marketing assets based on your financial resources, schedule, and target audience.

Smartphone Video Content Pros and Cons

Due to the global trend of smartphones, it seems that virtually anyone can become a videographer. While this holds some truth, when it comes to creating high-quality marketing materials, relying solely on smartphone video may not be the ideal choice. Here, we’ll delve into the pros and cons of utilizing smartphone phone video for marketing purposes.

Pros #1: Cheaper

The concept of affordability is highly subjective. While a new iPhone 15 Pro may cost over a thousand dollars, which is a significant amount, it remains a more budget-friendly choice when compared to a high-quality DSLR camera.

Pros #2: Simplicity

The majority of phone cameras are quite straightforward. In many cases, they function similarly to point-and-shoot cameras. You typically don’t need to be concerned about tasks such as adjusting white balance, managing the iris, or utilizing other advanced features found in professional cameras.

Pros #3: Accessibility

You can reasonably assume that you probably possess greater accessibility to a smartphone compared to a professional camera. Naturally, your phone may be a few years old, lacking some of the advanced features you desire, but it serves as a capable camera capable of capturing high-definition footage suitable for your 30-second inspirational video. In fact, you have the option to commence creating content immediately if you wish.

Cons #1: Audio Quality

Unless the individual you’re filming is practically within arm’s reach of your phone, the audio quality is likely to be subpar. This is primarily due to phone manufacturers prioritizing camera performance over sound quality when designing their devices. While inadequate audio quality may not necessarily deter viewers from watching your video, a survey revealed that clear audio emerged as the most prevalent feature associated with videos deemed as excellent content.

Cons #2: Camera Operator

Comprehending the fundamental principles of video composition and lighting holds significance. If your intention is solely to record a simple self-talk video with your phone extended at arm’s length, there’s no need to worry much about composition. However, when you’re in the process of filming an interview or a narrative scene, the quality of your camera operator’s work will directly impact the results you achieve. While post-production can work wonders in enhancing the final product, its abilities are limited when dealing with original footage that is blurry, shaky, or suffers from subpar audio quality.

Cons #3: Zooming In and Out

In broad terms, the fluidity of your zoom operation mirrors the steadiness of your finger gliding across the device’s zoom controls. To put it differently, it tends to lack smoothness. Frequently, you’ll establish your desired zoom level and then capture your scene without adjusting the zoom while filming because doing so would result in an unsteady appearance. Although a relatively fixed composition isn’t inherently undesirable, it may risk becoming somewhat uninteresting for the audience.

The Bottom Line

Overall, choosing a professional video production team like Brandefy is ideal for individuals who prioritize top-notch quality and aim to create content that truly embodies their professionalism and resonates with their intended audience. Whether you opt for spontaneous iPhone videos for your Instagram feed or choose a refined, expertly crafted approach for your website, what truly matters is your clear understanding of the significance of video content.

Video content is ceaseless; it perpetually awaits the opportunity to leave an impact or convince someone to engage in a specific course of action. Arguably, the most compelling rationale for enlisting the services of a professional video production company is that your video serves as an unmediated representation of your brand. If you aim to position your brand as synonymous with quality, it’s imperative that your marketing materials, including videos, impeccably reflect that distinctive image.


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