Short Video Production: Why Do TikTok Videos Go Viral Easily?

TikTok is the ever-growing video-sharing social media platform that lets users create minute-long videos. This app became popular as it lets people have an outlet to briefly express themselves through various forms of entertainment, without having to think hard enough about what to put in their personalized video production efforts. But why do these short videos from TikTok go viral so easily? Below are some of the most common reasons:

TikTok videos are short but informative 

Since TikTok only allows users to create a one-minute video, “TikTokers” must deliver their intended message to their audiences within a very short amount of time. TikTok videos are crammed with brief, yet concise information that can be easily taken in by the audience’s short attention span. Because people can get a lot from just a minute-long video, TikTok videos get easily spread around as a new source of information or even daily news and updates!

“TikTokers” create fun and quirky videos that greatly appeal to their audiences

Because of the stressful events happening all over the world, people turn to social media to find leisure and relaxation. TikTok is one of the widely used content-generating apps today where users gather to watch short videos that can brighten up their day. Since TikTok is generally used by millennials and gen Zs, the kind of content and entertainment you can find in these videos is quite diverse.

TikTok boosts trends through popular music

In TikTok, you can cut any music into a short audio clip to be used in your videos. And since music can easily catch the attention and generate emotions from various audiences, “TikTokers” use popular or relatable music for their videos. Since starting a trend is a norm in the TikTok community, they make use of such popular music so their videos can have a shot at virality.

Short video production made from TikTok has a great potential to go viral because of how TikTok and its community work together. Moreover, if you want to create a trendy and relatable marketing video that’s on par with “TikTokers” for your company or business, working with experts is a good option to consider.

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