SAY IT WITH SCRIPT: 3 Tips On Writing An Awesome Explainer Video Script

If you want to sell your company’s story in sixty seconds or less, an explainer video may be the best way to do it. These short, bite-sized, infomercial-type online videos can package your business through a beautiful, synergistic blend of creativity and content.

Provided you get it right.

So many video production companies – especially newer ones — make the mistake of focusing on the “wow” factor of videos. They break out all the effects; the exciting fonts, the awesome transitions, the explosive colors. They’re not wrong, of course. If you want to capture your viewer’s attention, you need to stand out visually.

But a good explainer video requires a one-two punch combo of Entertain and Engage. Even if you’ve got the entertainment part down pat, you’ve basically lost the advantage of your explainer video if your audience clicks out ten seconds in.

This is why you need to put just as much effort into your video script. The right script can sell a seemingly average video, and it can definitely make a kick-ass one even better. Whether you’re writing the script yourself or outsourcing it to a third-party company, there are some tips you can always turn to to assure a top-quality script.



You’re working with a very limited timeframe of 7 seconds – the average human’s attention span. If you haven’t engaged your viewers within the first 7 seconds of your video, they’re going to click out. Start out with an awesome hook, and then reel them in.

However, once you’ve completed the seven-second milestone, you have another timeframe of 23 seconds to deliver your whole message. If you drag the first couple seconds on with question after question of, “has this ever happened to you?” or “are you looking for this?” chances are your viewers are going to roll their eyes and move on.

Deliver your whole message – who you are, what you offer, why it can benefit them – within 30 seconds and then expound if necessary using the remaining time you have.



Short and sweet has never failed to be effective, and given the instant-bite-sized-updates society we live in today, it’s an advantage to have explainer videos with shorter run times. Anything from a minute to four (although four is already pushing it) is a reasonable run time for an explainer video. It gives you just enough wiggle room to introduce yourself, pitch your business, and explain why your audience should pick you.

A lot of producers agree that 2-minute explainer videos is the best length. Sixty seconds might not be enough time to effectively deliver all you want, and 240 runs the risk of going too long.



Another rookie mistake that’s completely understandable – and completely avoidable; the video ends up explaining why the business is so great, and not how it can help your target market. People make buying decisions based on their current needs. Accolades, awards, and accomplishments are all well and good but, at the end of the day, people want to know what they get out of giving you their business.

Make sure to write your script to tailor-fit your audience’s needs, and you’re well on your way to having a powerful and effective marketing tool.

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