Video production can be daunting for those who don’t fully understand it. At Brandefy, we do the hard work for you. Our goal is to educate without overwhelming. As a Santa Monica video production company, we experience diversity and unquestioning acceptance mixed with the energy of the world’s entertainment capital.


At Brandefy, our goal is to take your story and tell it in a compelling and entertaining way. Our company’s philosophy is to take a cinematic approach to every client’s project, regardless of context or limitations. We believe that great stories make great videos, which produce great results.


As an award-winning video production company located in Santa Monica, we are surrounded by people from all walks of a life. Los Angeles is a melting pot of different cultures and different backgrounds, and Santa Monica itself is a shining example of genuine human interaction regardless of social constructs.

We value the human component in every video we produce, whether traditional or online. As much as possible, we want your video to be as sincere and relatable as possible. As a Santa Monica video production company, Brandefy lies in the midst of eight neighborhoods, all offering a diverse mix of entertainment and outdoor recreation. Our environment is one of openness, sincerity and easy happiness and we do our best to translate those into our productions.


Brandefy videos are authentic, candid representations of relatable human experience. We believe that there is beauty in simplicity, and we veer away from anything too canned or too pretentious. Brandefy bridges the gap between affordable, low-key solutions and Hollywood-level productions by producing stunning cinematic videos within your budget. We achieve high-end results without the need for unnecessary, over-the-top resources.

As a Santa Monica video production company, we thrive in the laid-back beach town atmosphere that is polished with big city sophistication. Ergo, the Brandefy team is full of talented, down-to-earth individuals who are only too happy to put you first. When we tell your story, we want to tell it right. We take your story and we craft it through art, sincerity and through easy-going beauty.


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