For people who are unfamiliar with video production, it might be intimidating. We perform all of the legwork for you at Brandefy. Our purpose is to inform without becoming overbearing. As a video production company in Santa Monica, we are surrounded by diversity and unquestioned acceptance, as well as the buzz of the world’s entertainment capital.


Our main objective at Brandefy is to take your story and communicate it in a way that is both fascinating and entertaining. Regardless of context or constraints, our company’s end goal is to apply a cinematic approach to every client’s project. Excellent stories, we think, lead to amazing videos, which lead to positive results.


Los Angeles is a melting pot of cultures and origins, and Santa Monica is a great epitome of human interaction beyond social barriers. Every video we make, whether conventional or online, places utmost importance on the human component. We want your video to be real and relatable to as many people as possible.

Brandefy, an award-winning video production company in Santa Monica, is located in the heart of eight different neighborhoods, each with its own unique blend of entertainment and outdoor activities. We do our best to convey our environment of openness, sincerity, and enjoyment in our creations.


Brandefy videos are genuine, unscripted depictions of everyday human experiences. We feel that simplicity is beautiful and we avoid anything that is excessively canned or pretentious. Brandefy produces breathtaking cinematic videos within your budget, bridging the gap between economical, low-key solutions and Hollywood-level productions. We generate greater results without the use of extraneous, costly resources. We thrive in the laid-back beach town environment that is polished with big city professionalism. As a result, the Brandefy team is made up of talented, down-to-earth people, eager to put you first. We want to convey your story correctly when we tell it. We take your experience and construct it with beauty, authenticity, and a humanized approach.


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