Santa Monica Video Production: Why Taking Advantage of Social Media Video Marketing is a Profitable Action for Businesses

Social media platforms have gotten increasingly video-centric year after year. Video traffic is expected to account for 82% of all consumer Internet traffic this year. Consumers are not only viewing, generating, and connecting with more video content than ever before; they are also looking for videos to find new businesses and learn more about their products before making a purchase.


In the years to come, the usefulness and importance of videos created for social media will continue to grow. And regardless of the stage at which your social media marketing campaign is currently at, it’s not too late to think about incorporating videos into your plan. You can start stepping up your marketing game with the help of Santa Monica video production companies.


Below are some notable points to consider if you want to give social media videos a try:


  • Experts in video production can customize videos to meet the standard requirements of any social networking site, especially when it comes to making them mobile-friendly. This means that capitalizing on social media marketing through videos has never been more personal. Not to mention, platform-specific material enhances the viewing experience, stands out aesthetically in streams, and is more likely to raise engagement statistics. Examples are square videos for Facebook or vertical videos for Instagram Live. Experts also stated that a video’s orientation would be important to its success.


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  • As you’ve already seen, videos consistently rank better than any other type of content on well-known social media sites because they encourage audience engagement. New video-focused apps like TikTok, Lasso, and Byte constantly appear on the market. You should anticipate seeing a lot more platforms that prefer or emphasize video content as it continues to rank as one of the most important trends in digital marketing.


  • As the demand for video on social media rises, video creation tools will continue to be valuable. Marketing professionals can easily get a stronghold and distinguish themselves from their rivals in the industry by producing unique videos. For instance, by making each video’s layout more distinctive, video tools and software will not only assist in creating more content but also provide viewers with the option to consume the videos easier, regardless of the channel where it’s been distributed.


Working with a Santa Monica video production firm is a wonderful alternative to explore if you find it tough to make a professional video on your own.

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