Santa Monica Video Production Solutions During the COVID-19 Pandemic

The effects of the COVID-19 pandemic are still significantly felt worldwide, and the film production industry is not an exemption. There have been delays in shooting schedules and even temporary project shutdowns. Let’s check out how Santa Monica video production companies survive despite the ongoing health crisis.

  • Keeping Things Fresh and Original: You may have had to cancel your planned live-action shoot overseas for your marketing campaign due to the pandemic. So, why not create something fresh instead? Rather than using real actors, have you considered using animation? There are video production companies who can make that cinematic vision of yours come true without the need for large and expensive crews and staff. You may consider incorporating photoshoots, animation, motion graphics, and illustration and design into your video content. These video production companies also offer post-production services such as editing, sound design, and video effects. Think it through!
  • Reuse Existing Content: If you are short on budget, time, or both, you may have to reuse already existing video content. Video production companies work with the best editors and motion designers who are more than capable of reusing your videos to create compelling content. Moreover, they can repurpose your videos and designs to match TV, print, or display ad requirements and specifications. Reusing and repurposing video content also prevents the need for your staff or crew to head out and shoot new content and risk contracting and spreading the virus further.
  • Live Stream Production: As most people are stuck in their own homes, it is best to create content that would relate well with them. Producing live productions while you are at home may work best as an alternative solution during the pandemic. Live productions are raw and spontaneous, which would make things more personal and relatable. For this, you can hire a local video production company to assist you with the basics. Luckily, video production companies can still work even with a small crew and staff. So, as long as you employ strict safety precaution measures, you are good to go!

As business owners, you must not let COVID-19 bring you down. Knowing that people today would prefer to watch videos instead of reading articles, you must incorporate video content marketing trends into your business strategies – today!

Survive the pandemic with the above-mentioned video production solutions in mind with Brandefy! As one of the leading Santa Monica video production companies, we offer video production services while employing safety measures and other health protocols. We wish to ensure that no further spreading of the novel coronavirus takes place from pre-production through post-production. Let us grow your business one video at a time!

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