Santa Monica Video Production: Creating Testimonial Videos That Work

One of the best approaches to building trust with your customers is using testimonial videos. Your clients will probably talk about your brand, products, and services with these videos. And to create a testimonial video that works, investing in a professional video production team like Santa Monica video production companies can just be the solution you need. Moreover, you can also read the discussion below to guide you in creating your video.

Should it be scripted?

Having no scripts makes your testimonial video more authentic unless you hire very talented actors to deliver the message (which beats the purpose of a customer testimonial, by the way). When done ineffectively, scripts can make the video appear less genuine and honest. The best way to deal with this is to let your clients use their words.

Capturing the natural response of your client while answering the questions you ask will make your testimonial video authentic. If you make it as realistic as possible, your audience will definitely trust your brand’s credibility and persuade them to take action.

Should questions be prepared?

Preparing your questions will smoothly get the interview done in no time. Also, questions will better guide you and the client throughout the whole process of the discussion.

Allowing your clients to prepare and understand the general topic for the interview will assure them that the shoot is not particularly difficult. In addition, it will give them the confidence to answer your questions.

What should the topic be?

It would help if you address how your product or service help your client solve their problems. This way, you can keep your conversation going and highlight your brand throughout the entire interview. Don’t forget to ask your customer to share his or her experiences with your product or service so that you can position the testimonial in a storytelling format.

A customer testimonial video is a great way to show people how effective your brand is. So if you are looking for video production experts that can help you realize your goals, working with Santa Monica video production companies is definitely worth the investment.

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