Repurposing Your Video Content For a Better Video Marketing Strategy

You’re likely to have your fair share of cutbacks during your video marketing journey. But this is a completely normal phenomenon for digital marketers well-versed in content production. Moreover, what exactly would you do once you’ve run out of fresh video content to post to your social networking platforms?

Whenever it comes to videos, people are fast to criticize the material itself for failing to be compelling enough to draw the attention of viewers. And, for this reason, repurposing your video content may seem pointless.

On the contrary, video is set to prove anyone wrong. In fact, reinventing your videos is quite easy to accomplish, especially with the correct amount of preparation and a careful strategy.

A single video narrative may be conveyed in hundreds of ways by seeking different perspectives. There are also a few advantages you can get when you repurpose video content for social media marketing.

Here are some of the major benefits:

When it comes to repurposing your video content, there are several key strategies that you can do to reinvent it successfully. To help you achieve this easily, we’ve listed some of the most effective strategies below:

  1. Change your Distribution Platform 

If you have a lengthy and incredibly detailed YouTube video that didn’t work as good as you might have preferred, be confident that the problem is not in the quality of the video itself. Perhaps it’s because of the distribution platform. That’s why it’s extremely necessary to consider the target market and foresee specifically on which platform they ‘d like to view your videos. 

  1. Turn your Top-ranking Blogs into Short Videos 

If you have been distributing blog posts and video materials separately, maybe it’s time to start merging the two. If you’ve been writing blogs for years, you’re sure to have tons of written materials that you can use to create effective video content. Take HubSpot, for instance, they frequently create tutorial videos out of their blog posts.

  1. Create Bite-Sized Clips out of your Long-form Videos 

Repurposing your webinars or tutorial videos by dividing them into shorter bite-sized clips is a surefire way of producing videos for social media purposes. While most people like to be entertained on social media, it’s highly unlikely that you’ll be able to maintain their focus for a complete 15 minutes. That is why reinventing your long-form videos in one-minute or two-minute clips is a good strategy for social media video marketing.

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