Remote Video Production Techniques To Utilize With Your Chosen Los Angeles Corporate Video Production Company

In light of the recent COVID-19 pandemic, it’s highly recommended to practice proper social distancing to prevent the spread of the coronavirus. For most teams, this would involve working from home as much as you can. Unfortunately, this also means that you’re discouraged from meeting with any Los Angeles corporate video production company face to face. On the flip side, though, your marketing operations don’t necessarily need to be put on hold, as you may still continue creating content through remote video production techniques.


Some teams may prefer simply sending their interviewees the questions they’ll be asking them ahead of time and asking them to record themselves. However, as an alternative, you may schedule an online video call for a certain time and date that works best. This way, you may also have the opportunity to ask them a few follow-up questions.

In order to do so, it’s critical that you make sure both your and your clients’ hardware are set up appropriately. Request your interviewees to hardwire their devices to a stable internet connection and execute test calls with you to check the quality of their lighting and audio.

Product Demonstrations 

Your clients would never expect you to showcase your products using one angle throughout the entire video. If anything, that may cause them to lose interest and click away. Instead, make the most out of your time by filming product demos from multiple angles. You may also want to film as many b-roll clips as possible. Use your alone time as a means to channel your creativity and shoot a wide variety of clips. This way, you’ll have an assortment to choose from during the editing process.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 

FAQ videos are one of the most efficient ways to provide ample customer support—especially to out of town clients whom you may not be able to assist in person. Moreover, these videos won’t require you to travel to multiple locations. Look for a nice background in your home or office space, for example, and go through your list of inquiries. Write down your answers, memorize your script, and film yourself responding to multiple questions all in one session.

Keep in mind that health, safety, and security will always be one’s top priorities. However, through proper communication and collaboration, you and your chosen Los Angeles corporate video production company may still remain productive using these remote video production techniques.

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