Reasons Why You Should Hire a Video Production Agency to Create Your Sizzle Reels

Are you considering pitching your new business concept to investors? If producing a full-fledged video for your proposal sounds unbearably expensive at the moment, consider creating a sizzle reel instead.

Sizzle reels, alternatively referred to as demo reels, pitch reels, or promotional reels, are shortened versions of longer videos that emphasize the topic’s most compelling selling points. These videos are typically under two minutes in length and are designed to pique audiences’ interest in your brand, goods, or services.

Humans have a short attention span. The typical person’s attention span has decreased from 12 seconds in the early 2000s to 8 seconds (in 2017-2018). On a good day, you might be able to hold your viewer’s attention for a minute. If your video isn’t clear, concise, and intelligent enough, you’ll lose the audience’s interest and respect. That’s why sizzle reels are important. They are highlynimated and geared for viewers with limited attention spans.

Brandefy is an award-winning, full-service video production agency based in Los Angeles that specializes in creating effective television and video campaigns. We’ve experienced years collaborating with businesses of all sizes to create high-quality sizzle reels for them. We flawlessly combine years of knowledge and contemporary technology trends, employing only top-rated editing software and production equipment. We know the importance of an artistically shot and professionally produced sizzle reel for your new venture, and we strive to deliver consistently high-quality outcomes.

Reasons to Produce a Sizzle Reel

  • A Sizzle Reel is a multi-purpose video asset. Suitable for a Facebook page, Instagram, YouTube channel, LinkedIn profile, website, or even a TV commercial! It’s a versatile tool that can be used to engage or retain site visitors.
  • Sizzle reels are a great way to present your brand/product/service to the market in a fun and exciting way, without being too long or dull.
  • Sizzle reels are concise and to-the-point, capturing the attention of new viewers who may not be motivated to watch your lengthier videos.
  • Sizzle reels are far less expensive and simpler to plan than full-length videos.
  • Sizzle reels help build up your business’s reputation by transforming it from a concept to a reality (particularly during the early phases of your venture).
  • Sizzle reels enable you to showcase your accomplishments, abilities, and successes without coming off as arrogant.
  • Sizzle reels assist you in closing deals and presenting to investors.

Hiring a video production agency eliminates the need to purchase video and audio equipment and hire or train employees to capture and edit your sizzle reel. Additionally, they can ensure that the video you offer to your viewers is of great quality. Bear in mind that your sizzle reel should either be spectacular or non-existent. When it comes to promoting your brand in such a visible and public manner, there is no space for mediocrity. The very last thing you want is for a poorly edited video to end up in the hands of a potential customer, causing them to form an unfavorable opinion of your business. If you’re interested in having a sizzle reel created for your business, contact a member of our staff.

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