Producing Funny Viral Videos With A Los Angeles Video Production Company

Who doesn’t enjoy having a good laugh once in a while? That’s the reason why funny videos often go viral. But how exactly do you create funny video content with your chosen Los Angeles video production company?


We’ve put together a few tips:


  1. Don’t force humor. Your audience can tell when jokes are manufactured to sound and feel a certain way. Instead, lightly brainstorm ideas by yourself or with your team. Establish a theme for the video. Think of your goals and center your punchlines around them. You can also try surrounding yourself with funny people or watching funny videos for inspiration.


  1. Create a script. Use simpler words to make it easier for your audience to understand your message. Play with your words by inserting metaphors, puns, and hyperboles. Write more conversationally—as if you were already telling your jokes to the public. Your script is more than a guide for your narrator, voice actors, or actors. It’s a tool made to assist your entire team as well, so make it comprehensive.


  1. Draft a storyboard. You don’t have to detail every shot just yet. Simply begin by mapping out the order of the scenes. Maybe you want to add a plot twist. This will help you organize all the relevant details you want to include. After all, your video needs to flow as smoothly as possible to get the best reaction from your audience. You can’t expect them to laugh if they don’t understand the context of your joke.


  1. Be prepared before your video shoot. Minor issues can quickly turn into major concerns on the day of your shoot. Absent actors, issues with your script, lost props, among other things, can significantly delay your production. When the time comes to record your scenes, your team might not be in the best position to radiate positive and funny energy.


  1. Pay attention to your video editing. No matter how funny jokes may be, they won’t appeal to your audience as much as they would if the video is poorly edited. Sometimes, cutting off a few seconds in between clips and adding a little transition can do the trick. Other times, the video may need a few more visual and sound effects. Each video is unique, experiment and see what works best.


Before you start filming, ask your Los Angeles video production company if they think the video concept is funny. They may just have ideas to help you take it to the next level.

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