Pre-Production Factors to Discuss With Your Los Angeles Video Production Company

Previously, you’ve read about the factors considered during pre-production in our three major stages of the video production process article. Now that you’ve decided to work with a Los Angeles video production company, let’s discuss the importance of each one in depth:

Target Audience 

It’s important to visualize who your target audience is. What motivates them? How can your products and services solve their problems? Knowing these things lets you have a feel for what kind of message you should send and how you can successfully do so.

The goal of the project 

Before you hire a video production team, clearly identify your goal. A video with the aim to boost your marketing campaign and improve sales will be produced differently in comparison to a video that aims to entertain or tell a story. Your goals may vary depending on your allocated budget. Regardless, keep your goals reasonable and within a realistic scope. Furthermore, know how to evaluate whether these goals are achieved at the end of your production.

Script and storyboard 

This element will set the overall tone of your video. Make sure your script can clearly communicate your message across to your audience. Have a draft and revise it until you’re satisfied with how the words flow. If you can, conduct script readings with your cast or narrator. Listen closely to check how they articulate words and deliver emotions.

Moreover, don’t underestimate the importance of having a precise storyboard. Laying out your scenes up front can help you detect any potential mistakes that could have delayed your filming process if they weren’t found sooner.

In addition, keeping a shot list—a clear visual representation of your scenes and all their details—helps you communicate your vision to your team. When you go through the list, you will figuratively and literally be on the same page. As a bonus, you can use them to create separate call sheets for specific individuals to help stay on track of your filming schedule on the day.

Production schedule 

Set reasonable deadlines for your team. Your production schedule needs to be thoroughly coordinated with everyone involved to guarantee that you’re all on the same page. Beyond the actual filming, have a time and date for casting, acquiring the necessary legal documents, gathering props and more. Don’t forget to assign deadlines for post-production as well.


It’s important to choose your locations only after you’ve finalized your script and storyboard as changes to these could greatly cost you. Be specific and consider every aspect involved—from minor details to major obstacles you may encounter. Consider asking your Los Angeles video production company for recommendations.

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