Have you ever wondered why certain TV ads got stuck in your mind longer compared to others? Maybe it’s the ad’s message, or the visuals. More often than not, though, the answer is so much simpler. Beyond effective Orange County video production, it’s the music paired with the ad that makes it stick in people’s heads – or, conversely, render it forgettable.

Think about it: thriller and horror movies wouldn’t be as scary if there were no background tracks to build tension in certain scenes. In the same way, marketing videos without accompanying music can become boring; worse, the wrong music can break marketing videos. Choosing the right music doesn’t have to be complicated, though. Here are a few tips to remember to help you with your choice.

Consider the script. If your marketing video relies on narration or dialogue, it’s best to choose instrumental tracks rather than those with words; otherwise, viewers won’t know which to pay attention to. The music doesn’t have to stay in the background, either; a strong melody will help get the video to stay in your audience’s mind.

The tone of the musical track should be taken into account as well; it should complement your video, but it doesn’t have to completely match it. The music you choose ultimately completes your video. If the music distracts or seems separate from the video rather than being a part of it, the whole production will seem awkward.

Let music set the pace. Music doesn’t always have to be the last step in the video-making process; in fact, many video editors and film makers use music as an inspiration or a guide for certain products. When you let the music set the pace of the marketing video, there’s no way it won’t fit the video; doing so also makes it easier to edit the video, not to mention set its tone.

Sometimes, though, a little mismatch in tone can have a more memorable effect, so take this into account, too.

Don’t forget the story. You may have your own choice background music or soundtrack ready to plug and play, but are you sure it helps your video tell the story you want it to tell? If you’re picking the music based solely on personal preference, you might want to take a step back and review your video. The most important consideration when picking a song, Entrepreneur writes, is whether or not it helps you tell your story. It doesn’t matter how good the song is; if it doesn’t give your video a boost, it’s still the wrong song for it. To help make sure the song matches the video, if the latter ends on a high note, for instance, the former should do the same.

Double-check the license. This has more to do with using a music track rather than picking one, but you need to know that choosing from among the free-to-use tracks some composers provide online will be effective for only so long. You also have no guarantee that your competition won’t be using the same track.

When using licensed music, don’t forget to check that you get the right license for the track you chose. If it seems complicated, don’t worry—most music licensing companies will be happy to help you out, according to Entrepreneur. Getting your video muted or taken down from YouTube and other video-sharing sites will make your brand look bad, and will just negate the efforts your Orange County video production team put into finishing said video.