orange county video production


Brandefy is an award-winning, full-service, Orange County video production company that focuses on creating rich, captivating ways to share stories worldwide through innovative script and aesthetically compelling film. Whether the aim is for local audience or global market, we dedicate one hundred percent of our time, effort, talent, and creativity into every project. As an Orange County video production company, we are innovative, cost-efficient, and client-focused.


When it comes to technology, equipment, and techniques, Brandefy is committed to staying one step ahead of the game. We are constantly updating our tools and resources to accommodate the latest trends in video marketing, film editing, and audio-visual production. However, we also have a healthy mix of experience to temper our choices, and client preference plays a huge factor in our selection. Brandefy utilizes proven practices, up-to-date information, and client specification in order to offer the very best and most updated options for our customers.


As an Orange County video production company, Brandefy is both flexible and resourceful when it comes to production costs. Our personal philosophy favors a direct, no-nonsense, solutions-based approach as the best way to maximize resources. We don’t believe in wasting anyone’s time, efforts, or resources—whether it be the clients’ or our own.

Ergo, Brandefy produces high-quality video content that is both cost-efficient and highly effective. We know the best techniques and technologies to use to cut down on production costs without compromising content or quality. Proper planning is key to any video, which is why we take great care to select the location and coordinate all details before actual video production. We use our time—and our clients’—optimally, to produce the very best result for any budget.


Brandefy is an Orange County video production company comprised of storytellers. We understand intimately how powerful a story can be, as long as it’s told correctly. That said, we never compromise our clients’ story for the sake of aesthetic or artistry. Through the use of script, footage, audio, and editing, we emphasize the raw human emotion behind each story. Our films are not just audibly and visually stunning; they’re relatable.

At Brandefy, we focus on our clients’ story, and we craft audio-visual masterpieces as a means to amplify the message behind it. This is why we take client preference very seriously. We never sacrifice telling a story the way the client wants to tell it for the sake of utilizing new technologies or trending techniques. For us here at Brandefy, what the client wants to achieve and how the client wants to achieve it is paramount.