As far as inbound marketing is concerned, videos have always been a valuable asset, provided they’re done well. Online, people’s shorter attention spans typically mean that a little over 30% of viewers click away from the video within the first 30 seconds, and about 45% leave after the first minute. Even if you had the help of a company offering Orange County video production, the numbers would hardly change.

This is because videos are judged not just on their content, but also on their quality, style, presentation, and the information they provide. Essentially, you need a really impressive video to grab your intended audience’s attention. Before that can happen, though, you need to learn the basics of shooting and editing a video, so that pre-production and post-production go much smoother each time. Here are a few tips to get you started.

  1. Put together a shooting script and a storyboard. Dan Shewan from WordStream writes that the best marketing videos “don’t just happen.” They’re only realized through “meticulous planning and preparation.” You can’t just have your video marketing team get out their equipment and start filming. Orange County video production experts know from experience that the overall story, the pace, and the sequences needed are something you can’t just decide on the day of filming itself.

The shooting script is essentially the screenplay of your video, so that’s fairly straightforward. The storyboard, on the other hand, should break the video down into sections so you’ll know what footage you need. This way, you won’t find yourself missing needed footage during editing.

  1. Give presenters the needed information. Don’t make them memorize pages of script, however; instead, make sure they know what exactly they’ll be doing in the video, as well as what details need to be mentioned, including product information or, say, the date of an upcoming promotion.

If you know what you want the finished product to look like, and your presenters know what’s expected of them, that means less wasted time on the day of filming.

  1. Check the acoustics. There’s only so much that editing software can help fix. An echo, for example, can’t be edited out completely in post-production. The same goes for an outside location that has a lot of ambient or background noise that doesn’t lend itself to your video. You need to be cognizant of sound quality, otherwise you risk coming off as an amateur.
  2. Don’t rely on a single take. Even if the first take of a sequence goes well, shoot a second and even a third. This way, if you come across mistakes you didn’t spot the first time, you can simple edit in another version of that sequence instead of returning to the shooting venue and re-filming that sequence.
  3. Choose your music carefully. Videos can be just as effective without background music, but if you decide to include some music, don’t just pick your favorite song. You need to make sure it fits the theme and the tone of the video. You also need to make sure you don’t use copyrighted music without permission, or you’re going to find yourself with a hefty fine to pay.

These are tips that those working with Orange County video production companies are aware of, and even if you hire one of them to help you out, it doesn’t hurt to know a little more about what you can do ensure your marketing videos are as effective as possible.