New Video Marketing Trends To Address The COVID-19 Pandemic: A Short Guide From Los Angeles Video Production Companies

Marketing campaigns have gone up to the next level because of video content. In the last decade, as observed by various Los Angeles video production companies, video content has won over consumers’ attention and increased their interest. It has become the go-to format in sharing news, announcing world-changing stories, driving sales, and generating business interest. You can also use video content in education as well as entertainment, and more.

Especially since most of us are now staying at home due to the Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) Pandemic, most businesses are employing marketing strategies using video content. Now that it is one of the hottest skillsets in the industry, creative teams for companies have increased their budgets to create video content for their marketing needs.

Businesses do so because video content gives consumers more to work with than traditional articles and write-ups on a company’s products and services. Through video content, users can relate to its content in a fun and easy way to consume. Thus, video content has become one of the most favorite ways for customers to interact with brands online.

Help develop your business marketing strategy and stay up to date with some of the latest trends in the video marketing industry this year. Consider the following:

  1. Mobile Video Marketing 

    Social media has given businesses and consumers alike a refreshing platform for interaction. We see companies maximizing social networking sites such as Facebook and Instagram and other online entertainment platforms like YouTube in promoting and marketing their products and services.

  2. Data-driven videos 

    There are more businesses and advertisers now more than ever. Due to this, the need to stand out among others is essential if you wish to see your business succeed. To do so, you need to employ data-driven videos. Analyze demographic data and optimize your video campaigns based on age group, location, funnel stage, etc.

  3. Live Videos 

    Live videos are not a new thing. But it has become one of the most widely used types of video marketing strategies, especially during this pandemic. Brands have been broadcasting live videos through Facebook Live, Instagram Stories, YouTube, Twitter Live, and others for them to personally connect with their audience and present an unfiltered version of their brand.

  4. Personalized Videos 

    Another quick way to get your audience’s attention is through personalized videos. Essentially, it is a video customized for each viewer in a way that uniquely engages them. You can do this by customizing the video for a viewer every single time. Doing so can become tasking; however, you can expect increased engagement, higher open rates, and a stronger relationship with your customers. 

Therefore, creating video content as part of your marketing strategy should be one of your primary business actions this year. If you are not sure where to begin, there are Los Angeles video production companies that take a cinematic approach in producing high-quality work for their customers.

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