New E-commerce Video Production Practices to Use in Marketing

Creating the video is only half of the struggle when it comes to successful e-commerce video production. If you commit too many errors, your killer content and demo video will fall short of its full potential. You want to ensure that your video is seen by the right people for the right purposes. Fortunately, you can improve your odds by following certain best practices.

Give importance to the product

When the emphasis is on the storyline rather than the product, an e-commerce video becomes a short motion picture that people won’t retain. While we constantly advocate for storytelling in order to create greater videos, e-commerce video production necessitates somewhat different considerations. For one thing, most e-commerce videos (such as product videos, demo videos, and how-to videos) need direct, to-the-point responses. People watch product videos to learn how to utilize the product in real-life settings, not to see it in unrealistic stories.

Balance product promotion and storytelling

You cannot spend 90% of the video developing a storyline before squeezing the product into the final 10%. It is crucial to tell a story to keep people interested, but an extensive storyline is not required. Sometimes it is the minimalism of the product demonstration that keeps it interesting.

Capitalize on Video SEO

You must make your video searchable if you want people to see it. If you are about to publish a new video, make sure the content around it is optimized for SEO. This entails putting the keyword in the title and going over your description tags carefully. Always prioritize the most relevant categories while tagging.

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Strategize on your video production

Trying to separate your primary product video from your how-to video for specific items can be incredibly beneficial to your consumers and to your conversion rate. Visitors may learn more about your product by watching the product video when they arrive on your product page. The product video is no longer useful to them once they have purchased it. They already know what the product is and why they need it.  Now they just want to figure out how to put it to use.

Final Thoughts

E-commerce video production is unlike any other video production process. To be effective, one must be familiar with the e-commerce industry and position the marketing efforts in the right way. Should you want to make sure that you’ll get the best out of your e-commerce video production campaign, working with video production professionals is a good option to take into account.

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