Super Bowl commercials are, quite literally, the best the industry has to offer. The most creative minds produce the best scripts and storylines that then get directed, acted, and edited by the most talented people out there. Forrester principal analyst Jim Nail even says that “the ads have become as integral to the program as the game.” People who couldn’t care less about NFL still sit up and pay attention when the commercials show, because they’re guaranteed to be clever, creative, heart-strings-tugging, or just downright funny.

During the actual game, the competition is between both the NFL players and the participating companies. They’re all set to out-do the other ads in order to stand out—hence the big guns and the even bigger price-point. But when the Super Bowl comes and goes, companies have a new goal for the next one; outdo the old. They seek to make their Super Bowl commercials better than what they produced last year.

Hence, there are some names people desperately want to see return to the ad space. While Wix, Kia, Snickers, and Budweiser have all announced that they bought ad time for this years’ Super Bowl, the full list has yet to be released. Nevertheless, here are some of the commercials people absolutely can’t wait to see this 2017.


Wix is bringing their A-game this 2017, wrangling Wonder Woman (Gal Gadot) and Jason Statham for their commercial. They also made waves as the first brand to ever release the creative for their Super Bowl ad over Facebook Live.


Hyundai appealed to the women of the world with their 45-second spot for the 2017 Hyundai Elantra, featuring Hollywood star Ryan Reynolds. Their catch line, “A car that doesn’t get distracted,” worked perfectly in their fantastical location, Ryanville, and a lot of people (read: females) are hopeful for a repeat performance.


Whereas Hyundai nabbed Ryan Reynolds, Intel’s promising Super Bowl 2017 teaser ad features Tom Brady doing some pretty mundane, everyday activities in a really epic way. Intel is pushing their Intel 360 Replay by transforming Brady’s morning routine into some form of the mannequin challenge, and it’s working for us.


The luxury automakers didn’t make an appearance during last years’ Super Bowl, but that only makes us more excited for their spot this year. With two whole years to think of something truly Super Bowl-worthy—and with the Oscar-winning directors The Coen Brothers on their side—the Mercedes-Benz Super Bowl 2017 ad is promising to be a classic must-not-be-missed.

With several teasers already launched, the theme for this season is “Easy Driver,” based on the 1969 cult film starring Peter Fonda, “Easy Rider.”

Their theme is “Born to be wild meets build to be wild,” and it features the Mercedes-AMG GT Roadster.


Has anyone ever really gotten over PuppyMonkeyBaby?

Mountain Dew’s Super Bowl 50 ad was an example of an idea just crazy enough to work, and work it did. As one of 2016’s most hilarious commercials, there’s definitely peaked interest to see what Mountain Dew will come up with for 2017. Will they continue the crazy combination craze, or will they surprise us by doing a total 180-degree? We’ll just have to wait and see.

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