Marketing Strategies Los Angeles Video Production Companies Are Implementing In 2017

Known as the entertainment center of the world, Los Angeles is more than just great nightlife, beautiful scenery, and—of course—the giant Hollywood sign. It’s where the best and brightest in tech, talent, and media come to stay and hone their craft. This is where trends start. Ergo, Los Angeles video production companies are already in the know regarding what’s in for this year in video marketing. If you want to give your business the advantage, you might want to check these trends out.

More Infotainment

Proof that the infamous infomercial truly hasn’t left the realm of marketing, 2016 saw a definitive rise in videos classified under the infotainment genre—and it’s a trend that continues strong in 2017.

As the name suggests, this type of video combines “informative” with “entertaining” in the hopes that viewers will learn something while being regaled with clever dialogue or incredible editing. The era of plain picture slideshows is over, and it’s starting to show. Informative entertainment is the name of the game now, and it’s proven the best way to grab attention and help viewers retain information.

Even if it’s something as straight-laced as statistics or percentages, Los Angeles video production companies know how to spice up static images and plain old lines of text into something eye-catching and accurate. Whiteboard explainer videos and stop-motion videos are examples of clever infotainment videos that L.A. editors can pull off without a hitch.

Capturing Live Videos

According to ReelNReel, live video “is a powerful tool to interact with consumers,” and we can evidently expect more live broadcasts to come this 2017. Facebook Live and were made for this very purpose, and they’re going strong. Last year, Twitch recorded 2.1 million broadcasters and over 100 million monthly unique users.

Live content has revived content marketing. It strengthens the speaker-audience connection and can boost brand recognition. It’s the closest consumers can come to meeting you—and your brand—face to face, and that does wonders for fostering trust.

A lot of Los Angeles video production companies have found a way to recapture the raw, genuine feeling behind a live video through script and editing. This may seem ironical, but they’ve learned how to tailor script and storyboards so that they’re more true-to-life. They’ve also gotten rid of ‘canned’ messages—vague, general, catch-all statements that sound like cookie-cutters for any business in any niche. Interview- and on-the-spot-style segments are excellent examples in which edited videos recreate the “live video” feeling.

Multi-Platform Videos

Social Media Today quotes a Think with Google Report that states 85% of adults between the ages of 18 and 49 use multiple devices at the same time. According to Business2Community, multi-channel marketing is a trend that’s expected to grow throughout 2017. Different consumers prefer watching videos on different social media platforms. Most of them have specific preferences. Given that almost every platform can support video, it makes sense to post or cross-post the same video to different platforms—essentially casting a larger net.

Ergo, it’s important that the marketing video is optimized for every screen and every platform. Most video production companies in Los Angeles are familiar with which screen resolutions and video formats work best with what platform. Some may even offer several variants of the same video, with each variant optimized for a specific social media app or website.

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