What Makes A Powerful Kickstarter Video

With the Internet developing the way it is these days, it’s not surprising that it has affected certain aspects of how people do business. Internet marketing, for instance, is now included in a company’s budget, because of the potential success said company will see by advertising on the Web. Entrepreneurs, artists, and others who are likewise creatively minded have found a new way of getting funded for their products online – and that’s through crowd-funding.

Kickstarter is one such crowd-funding site, and it’s arguably the best one out there, seeing how many people use it. That’s why, if you’re considering turning to this site to help you raise the cash you need to start your new business, for example, or a new product line, you’ll also want to consider Kickstarter video production. But why?

Simply put, statistics show that Kickstarter campaigns without a video were only 30% likely to be funded, while campaigns accompanied by a video were 66% likely to be funded, with over half reaching their goals. You’re not the only one who knows this by now, so to make sure your campaign stands out from the rest, remember that Kickstarter video production is quite different from video production for other sites such as Youtube or Facebook. Let’s look at what it takes to make a successful, powerful campaign video.

  1. It doesn’t focus on the funding. That’s the goal of the video, true, but putting one together for your campaign shouldn’t focus on how much money you need to get the ball rolling. Instead, focus on letting people get to know you and your project, and how it benefits them in the end. People who want to see the product or service become a reality will naturally pledge money to help get the end product out faster.
  1. It doesn’t involve you pretending. An emotional connection is also important in Kickstarter video production. With a Kickstarter video, there’s no need to pretend to be someone you’re not, because the audience can spot when you’re not being genuine. So be genuine, and your campaign video will be that much more noticeable.
  1. It engages quickly. One of the drawbacks of the Internet is that people have shorter attention spans, and they’re constantly moving on to the next post or next webpage if the current one doesn’t interest them very much.

Your Kickstarter video doesn’t have to be action-packed, but it has to be compelling from the beginning. Show the best of what you can do, whatever that may be. Pose a riddle related to your product, ask a question they never realized they’d wanted to ask themselves – just hold their attention for at least 10 seconds. That’s long enough to pique their curiosity and get them to listen to what you have to say after that.

If you’re at a loss for ideas, don’t forget that the video doesn’t have to be a solo project. Even if the product or service was solely your idea, it’ll be worth investing in more manpower. Find a team to help you; the result will be better for it.