Los Angeles Video Production: On Writing Scripts for Ads

Most people think that video marketing through commercial ads focuses mostly on shooting with the right angles, the application of sufficient lighting, and the hiring of decent actors to bring life to the screen. However, not many consider how every video starts with a well-written script. Los Angeles video production companies take careful notice of how they write their scripts to ensure that what their customers have in mind is translated appropriately (and effectively) into what will later show on the screen.

Here are some tips on how to craft a compelling script for commercial ads:

  • Know Your Market: You can’t just start writing a script without knowing who the commercial ad you are filming is for. Thus, you need to know the specific target audience to write down a particular storyline that will help them genuinely relate with your ad. Create a script that speaks directly to your target market.
  • Research Your Customer’s “Voice”: The voice we are referring to here is the way your ideal customer speaks, including the phrases and expressions that they use often. Getting familiar with their voice will help you create a script that would sound natural to their ears. The goal is to create an ad that – to your viewers – would sound like a close friend talking.
  • Build a Storyline: Before writing anything for the script, you should already have in mind a specific storyline for the ad. Write a clear beginning, middle, and ending. Structuring it so makes it easier to write a script that sticks to the story. Moreover, take note not to put too much information into the script as it may overwhelm your viewers.
  • Draft the Script: When writing the script, you need to remember who your target market is. Keep your target audience in mind and use the right words and phrases to create scenarios that would instantly connect with them. Moreover, to provide perspective, let someone from your target market read through the draft that you have written. Doing this will help you find lines that need rephrasing or parts that need improvement.
  • Edit, Edit, and More Edits: As soon as you have created your script, check if everything included advances your story. If not, then remove it. Ads are relatively short; thus, the story you create should follow in this brevity, cohesiveness, and conciseness. Edit thoroughly.

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