Los Angeles Video Production Companies: Why is Lighting Important?

There are heaps of elements that are involved in producing a visually compelling video. Many Los Angeles video production companies inject these components into their masterpieces to ensure the quality of their outputs.

One of the key factors used in effective video production is “Lighting.” Lighting is essential because it helps set the mood of a particular scene and it can also evoke emotions based on how it is applied.

Did you know? Cameras don’t respond to light the same way that the human eye does. This fact is the reason why additional lighting is vital to make the overall quality and definition of a video come closer to what our eyes can see naturally.

To help you become aware of the basic kinds of lights that video production companies use, we’ve outlined some of them below:

The Three-Point Lighting System

The Key Light – The key light serves as the main light source that is used to illuminate your subject/s. It also helps highlight the form and dimension of the subject to achieve a better resolution.

The Backlight – The backlight provides a pleasnt depth to the shots. It can also create artistic edges around your subject and help him/her become separated from the background.

The Fill Light – The fill light acts as a supporting light for the key light. It normally mirrors the key light at a more moderate intensity and “fills in” the obscurations produced by the key light.

In order to utilize lighting perfectly, you need to consider additional factors such as camera modifications, angles, lighting temperatures, and the environment and location of the shoot.

You can also use lighting tools such as reflectors and LED lights to fix common light issues.  Unlike professionals from Los Angeles video production companies, achieving perfect lighting can be tricky if you’re a tenderfoot videographer.

Important Reminders:

  • The purpose of good lighting is not only limited to making your subjects become more visible. It is also intended to help your audience focus easily on what your video wants to convey.
  • Regardless of the shots that you want to take, the three-point system is more than enough and capable of providing you with good results, especially when you’re just starting out with video production.
  • Sometimes, the difference between a well-made video and a bad one comes down to how well they are lit. Lighting plays a big role in the overall success of your video project. If you want to achieve perfection when it comes to lighting, hiring a video production company is also an option.

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