Los Angeles Video Production Companies On A Budget: How You Can Still Go Viral

As far as video production goes, is it possible to make people sit up and take notice when you’re on a tight budget? A lot of people would like to take the optimistic view and say yes, you can create viral videos on a budget. Realistically though, professional videos can’t be bought on pocket change. Established brands know this, and they’re ready and willing to spend tens of thousands of dollars on video marketing. As a start-up, you may not have the financial freedom to go nuts on Los Angeles video production. However, you can take a few measures to ensure you end up with a video that is engaging, rewatchable, and totally sharable—even if that means stretching your dollar to the limit.

DIY What You Can

The pre- and post-production aspects of a viral video don’t require a lot of video editing or producing, which means you or your team may be able to do some of it yourselves. For instance, get your existing content writers to write a script and/or storyboard. If you have graphic designers, see what they can do in terms of arranging the stock footage or visuals. If you already have an existing marketing, advertising, or social media team, get them to promote and boost your video through the power of SEO.

A lot of Los Angeles video production companies offer these as part of their package deals. However, as a brand-on-budget, you can save a little more by settling for only the basic production services. Remember that what you DIY depends entirely on your current situation. If you’re only in the bare bones of a start-up, without a marketing or content team, you may have to think outside the box with this one. Look at freelance sites like Fiverr or Odesk for cheaper deals, or opt for an animated video (less talent needed, less fees to pay out) instead of a live action one.

Street Magician Mindset

Kissmetrics lays down the simple framework for a viral video. One feature of interest in their framework involves thinking like a street magician. Street magicians are known for their slight-of-hand and on-the-spot magic tricks using whatever resources they have at that moment. They usually don’t lug around elaborate equipment like tables with hidden compartments or mirror-lined boxes, opting instead for more mobile props like a deck of cards and a large handkerchief.

To create a viral video on a budget, adopt the street magician mindset. Capture the audience’s attention using the things you have on-hand in a creative way. Remember that you only have a few seconds to “capture and maintain the attention” of your “online passers-by.” Until you graduate to the big leagues and your brand becomes a household name, people won’t stop “walking” (or scrolling, in this case) to watch you. Ergo, your video has to hit the ground running.

Splurge on Professional Production

Pay for the most professional Los Angeles video production house you can afford. If you’re going to spend money anyway, you might as well spend it on high quality video production. Advancements and evolutions in technology have made it possible for a simple home movie to look clean, crisp, and professionally edited. Raw, live video may be poised as potential trend, but people still prefer watching videos in 1080p.

In other words, “half-assed” won’t cut it anymore in terms of video quality. Kissmetrics references The Wall Street Journal regarding the 10 Most Viral Videos on YouTube. Sure, back in 2007, the videos with the most hits happened to be “accidental home videos” made by amateurs. In fact, YouTube star Jenna Marbles shot the video that launched her to fame (“How to trick people into thinking you’re good looking”) on a grainy webcam, and it still reached 65 million views.

However, the standards are different now. 9 of the top 10 Most Viral Videos on YouTube by 2012 were created by professional producers, with only one of video (“Facebook Parenting”) produced by amateurs.

The takeaway here is that video producers and content creators probably care a lot more about the technical aspects of a video than the audience does. After all, your average viewer won’t know if you exported the video correctly or how many audio passes you had to do to get the sound just right. Still, no one really likes watching pixelated pictures and badly-executed green screen visuals to the sound of broken or unfiltered audio. If you don’t have the technology or programs to make your video as clean and watchable as possible, redirecting your budget to an established Los Angeles video production company is definitely a smart move.

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