Los Angeles Production Companies: How Explainer Videos Help Marketing Campaigns

There are many ways to create compelling video marketing campaigns. According to Los Angeles production companies, one of the best ways to start the marketing process is through the production of explainer videos.

Explainer videos are great at introducing your business, your goals and objectives, and your products and services to the general public. When done correctly, an explainer video is an effective way to entice your target market to make a purchase or to avail your service offerings.

Generally, explainer videos are only one to two minutes in length. Within those few precious seconds, you must be able to grab your viewer’s attention when explaining your business or an idea. Thus, these explainer videos only answer the most basic questions about your products and services.

More importantly, explainer videos should be engaging, fun, and informative. You should clearly state your message for them to know what action to take after watching the video. If the goal of the video is to make your customers make use of your products or services, then the video’s content should be about inviting them to place an order.

Below are some other benefits that you might get from producing explainer videos:

It Grabs Attention. Upon visiting your site, a customer will see your explainer video and get interested in your products. They will then scroll for more information. The longer you hold their attention, the longer they will spend on your site, and the more opportunity for them to make a purchase. 

More Engaging than Text. Today, most people would prefer to watch short videos about a product rather than read lengthy articles on a site. Videos are also ranked higher in search engine results compared to text. Thus, explainer videos would be better for your marketing campaigns. Do not forget to include a compelling call to action at the end of your videos to encourage conversion. 

Reflects Brand Image. Explainer videos are also great ways to show and tell people about what your brand is all about. Talk about your visions, goals, and objectives. Tell people how your products and services could be of help to them. Through this, you can forge lasting and personable relationships with your customers and stakeholders.

Los Angeles production companies such as Brandefy help businesses create explainer videos to help push their marketing efforts and increase the return on investment. Create your explainer video with us today!

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