long beach video production


Brandefy is an award-winning Long Beach video production company that focuses on the stories behind every brand. It is a company that believes in utilizing technique, talent, and technology to craft an exceptional experience for clients and audiences alike. Brandefy takes projects from creative concept to stunning completion using a mix of the latest trends and time-proven techniques.


Long Beach is known for its friendly, easy-going atmosphere. Its distance from the city gives it a laid-back vibe that makes it easy to settle in and explore. At Brandefy, our staff members embody much of the same. We thing video production should be a collaborative, organized, and fun process that everyone involved understands. We encourage our clients to ask us questions regarding any part of the process, and to speak up if something doesn’t sit right with them.

Whether they’re a repeat customer or a first-time client, we treat all our partners with respect, regardless of the scope of their project or the depth of their proposal. As pre-production consulting is one of the many services we offer, we are more than happy to offer advice, recommend options, or explain the process in full. We want our customers to know that they can approach us about anything.

Flexible and Resourceful

Being a Long Beach video production company, we are fully aware that one size does not fit all. Templates can only go so far. Ergo, we recognize that different companies have different messages, different brands have different stories, and different businesses have different budgets. At Brandefy, we pride ourselves for our flexibility and resourcefulness when it comes to product-versus-cost.

We offer quality video production that fits your unique brand and your own estimated budget. We know you can’t put a price on passion, which is why we utilize all our time, talents, technologies, and techniques to give clients the optimal result. Regardless of price package, we put a hundred percent in every job.


Brandefy is, above all, a professional Long Beach video production company that caters to clients looking to tell their story through unique, creative content. We believe in creating an exceptional client experience, and we do so by being polite, organized, and open with our processes. Seeing as it’s your reputation and resources on the line, we understand how daunting the production process can be. This is why respect, responsiveness, and honesty are not things we take for granted. We keep open communication with our clients, and we encourage them to do the same.