Lighting Techniques To Try Out With A Production Company In Los Angeles

Proper lighting is so important that it can make or break your video. Coordinate with a production company in Los Angeles on which lighting setups you should utilize for best results. We’ve outlined a few pointers for you:


Natural lighting

Depending on the time you plan to film in, natural sunlight will either be your best friend or worst enemy. You’ll have to plan your shots according to the weather report for that day. Diffuse harsh light by using lens filters or placing your subjects under the shade. Try scheduling scenes to shoot during “golden hour” to make full use of its soft natural light.


Motivated lighting

Sometimes the lights are already a part of the scene in the form of lanterns, flashlights, streetlights, a car’s head and tail lights, among other things. These are motivated lighting options that can easily be used to your advantage. When done right, your audience will be drawn into the scene enough so that they overlook the technical aspects of it. Notice how a flashlight can add to the suspense, while a single candle can symbolize hope, and a chandelier can bring forth elegance.


Hard and soft film lighting

Dramatic scenes thrive off of hard film lighting. The intense shadows and the heavy contrasts keep the clip’s tone heavier. It’s as if your characters are demanding the audience to take them seriously. Using hard film lighting firmly emphasizes your subjects, making them the center of attention. Some scenes may require low key lighting, a technique where you intentionally minimize the lighting to add a more emotional effect.


On the other hand, soft film lighting creates a peaceful mood around your scene. It balances the focus between your main subject and the environment they are placed in. These produce little to no shadows and the shadows they do produce have soft and refined edges. The soft light also makes your subjects have clearer skin, making it the preferred option for marketing videos.


Practical lighting

Having overhead lights, bedside lamps, television or computer screens can easily be used to add lighting to your scene. You’ll notice this technique commonly used in restaurants, hotels, bedrooms and other indoor locations. Using candlelight, among other approaches for practical lighting, keeps things more realistic. Keep in mind that not all locations are built with video production in mind. That’s why you should check their lighting setup beforehand and swap out any bulbs that don’t match the color temperature you’re aiming for.


Thinking of using professional studio lighting instead? You may consider consulting with a production company in Los Angeles.

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