Kickstarter Video Production Tips and Tricks

Many people say that the most important aspect of a Kickstarter campaign is the Kickstarter video. Well, they are absolutely correct. Your Kickstarter video is literally the lifeblood of your crowdfunding page. However, have you ever asked yourself how familiar you are with the peaks and valleys of Kickstarter video production?

If not, we’re here to share with you some of the best tips we have upour sleeves. Here arethe top 3 tips and tricks for producing an effective Kickstarter video:

  1. Keep it short, but not too short.

Some people believe that in order for a Kickstarter video to become successful, it needs to be at least 5 minutes long — not so! For “time is my goldmine” type of people, watching a 5-minute Kickstarter video is not the best way to spend time on the internet. If you want to boost your chances of making your audience watch your video, it is highly recommended to keep it  2-3 minutes long, at most.

If there’s one thing worse than a 5-minute Kickstarter video, it’s probably the one that only runs less than 60 seconds. Although it is advisable to keep your videos short, it is also important to avoid making them too short. To influence your audience effectively, you need to make them become emotionally attached to your video. And doing that in less than a minute is rocket science.

  1. Keep it entertaining.

Producing an entertaining Kickstarter video doesn’t mean that you have to make your content hilariously funny. Injecting a little humor into your script is one of the best ways to supplement some entertaining flavor in your Kickstarter videos.

Furthermore, adding a melodramatic spin on your concept can also be entertaining. Thus, entertainment is not only limited to humorous content; you can incorporate other creative genres into your videos to make them more emotionally appealing to your audience. In Kickstarter video production, creativity is the key to good entertainment.

  1. Always start strong!

Did you know? Good Kickstarter projects have a video completion percentage of about 30% — which means that 70% of the total number of viewers stopped watching the Kickstarter video before it even ended.

This is a clear indication that the most important part of a Kickstarter video is the beginning. Therefore, don’t invest too much in a blockbuster ending because the part that determines whether you’ll succeed or not is your introduction. Needless to say, this isn’t to suggest that a solid ending is not necessary — of course you’ll need to wrap things up in a sweet, succinct way.

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