Kickstarter Video Production: How to Create an Incredible Kickstarter Video

We live in a visual world and if you’re anything like us, the first thing you do when you view a project page is hit play. A video is by far the finest method to obtain a sense of a project’s emotions, motives, and personality. It is a sign of effort and a reliable predictor of success. Kickstarter video production significantly increases the success rate of projects compared to those without. Projects with videos have a 54 percent success rate, while those without have a 39 percent success rate.

How to Make a Kickstarter Video?

If you have access to a computer and an abundance of motivation, you have everything you need. While some videos have extravagant montages and others feature epic long shots, the majority of videos feature a single person presenting their story directly to the camera.

Regardless of how inventive or straightforward, your video is, you’ll like to:

  1. Tell your story – Ascertain that your tale is true – record it, convey it with passion, and keep it simple and compelling.
    1. Tell us who you are.
    2. Tell us about your project’s backstory. Where did you acquire the concept? What phase is it now in? What are your thoughts about it?
    3. Ask for people’s support, state why you need it and what you intend to do with the funds.
    4. Talk about how awesome your rewards are, using any images you can.
    5. Thank everyone
  2. Make it catchy – This means that the video must grab and hold people’s attention. If you can captivate your viewer’s attention with a single persuasive line, you’ve succeeded.
  3. Reflect the essence – Your video should capture the core of what you’re saying. Ensure that your message is well-crafted and that you prioritize delivering value first.
  4. Reduce unnecessary explanations – Your video should be clear. People will want to know what they will be funding fast. Highlight the key aspects that make your product unique in your video.
  5. Make sure it’s legal – It ought to be legal. It is appropriate to adhere to copyright laws when creating Kickstarter videos, and similarly, it is reasonable to seek expert guidance before initiating the development process.
  6. Finish with CTA – Your video should be motivating. Consider your CTA thoroughly, as these are the phrases that will ultimately persuade investors to either work with you or never contact you again. Make it simple and straightforward.

Now you understand how a Kickstarter video may benefit you. Putting effort in Kickstarter video production is worthwhile since it helps you raise product awareness and engage your audience, which is essential if you want their support.

Additionally, you can rely on a video production company to perform the task for you. This way, you can be confident that your film will have a far greater impact and result in a successful campaign.

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