Keeping Your Business Afloat: Tips From Video Production Companies in Los Angeles

Due to the coronavirus (COVID-19) downturn, many businesses are struggling to keep their operations running. Even some of the largest video production companies in Los Angeles were forced to scale back because of the escalating outbreak.

While most companies are already shutting down as a safety measure, some have decided to face the tides and turn risks into opportunities. Here are some helpful tips to guide you along the way.

  1. Solidify External Communications

The biggest commodity you can save in the middle of a crisis is your customers’ trust. That is why pushing external communications becomes effective when it comes to reassuring your audience and the general public that you are doing something to fight the outbreak or even contribute to finding a resolution. And you can easily do this by producing a short and concise company video.

  1. Care For Your Employees

Bear in mind that it’s not just your business that’s affected by the pandemic, but also the people who work for you. This is why it is important to establish constant communication with all employees in order to fully understand how they are personally impacted by the crisis. It is also essential to be proactive when it comes to reassuring them that you are coming up with a plan to support them during the pandemic.

  1. Perform Risk Assessments

Despite having an existing risk assessment, you may still need to set up a new one to ensure that it addresses the current problem that your business is facing. The most advisable risk assessment to set up is one that focuses on safety measures and good hygiene. These assessments should be aimed at safeguarding your workforce, technological equipment, finances, and the entire operations during the COVID-19 pandemic.

  1. Push Online Marketing Efforts

Now that social gatherings such as networking events, land-based marketing seminars, business conventions, etc. have been prohibited by the federal government and public health authorities, your business will largely rely on digital marketing. This is why it’s important to step up your game when it comes to promoting your business on the online platform.

According to video production companies in Los Angeles, more and more businesses are utilizing video marketing in order to effectively promote their products and services on digital platforms. Moreover, if you can’t produce a marketing video on your own, working with a seasoned team of video professionals might be a good thing to consider.

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