IT’S TRENDY: 3 New Trends in Web Video Production That Are Worth Trying Out

Whether you’re a full-staffed video production company or just a group of professional freelancers, when the name of the game is online video marketing, it pays to stay updated and ahead of the competition.

Now that the advertising world has caught on to the untapped potential of using videos for marketing campaigns, literally every website a consumer visits will have some type of video ad attached. While there is a rare chance that the average, bored viewer will stop and watch the whole thing from start to finish, the chances of him or her hitting the skip this ad button are even higher.

Web video production is tricky. If you want the advantage over competitors, you need to keep it coming with fresh, original content. Here are three trends in online videos right now that could be worth looking into.



Given how noisy and crowded the online space has gotten, it’s easy to get lost in the loud, colorful smorgasbord that is the internet. To truly catch attention with your video, you need to stand out. Easier said than done when there are half a million companies trying to do the same thing.

Before people recognized online videos as the true marketing gem it was, it was enough to approach web video production with a ‘go big or go home’ kind of attitude. Flashy effects, colorful text, bold statements – the works. Back when consumers didn’t have an inkling of how it was done, videos that were overloaded with effects were simply magical.

Now that there are others in the game, that approach can do more harm than good.

Silent, minimalistic videos are making a comeback, and they’re proving to be a more effective method of catching and holding the viewer’s attention. Aside from the fact that it’s a new and creative take on advertising, the lack of over-the-top audio commentary allows the viewer to focus on – and really absorb – the stunning visuals of the video. Silent videos are turning out to be the video equivalent of white noise and rain sounds in the cacophony of video marketing campaigns.



This is a web video production format that has proven effective – especially for real estate and travelling agencies. 360-degree videos work practically the same as 360° still images, which industries use to promote interior and exterior locations. As the name suggests, it gives the audience a full rotational view of the area, even going into more detail in some corners. It’s a great way for potential customers to really immerse themselves in the area, the experience adding positive points to their buying decision.

Of course, specialist camera equipment is needed for a venture of this proportion; multiple lenses, tripods, professional video-editing software and the know-how to work it. A lot of video marketers agree, though, that the end result is definitely worth the payoff.



Time-lapse videos are truly a treat for the eyes. Regardless of the context, people love watching a scene progress at hyper-speed. There’s just something so hypnotizing in being able to see the gradual changes in things, like the position of shadows, the movement of clouds, the light lengthening, and so on. Even just a sunset scene is made more mesmerizing when sped up.

The Hyperlapse App allows you to take videos and speed them up, time-lapse style. It then allows you to share the video content to social media platforms like Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram, and Facebook. These two features alone already make it a powerful tool for web video production and video marketing.

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