Important Questions to Ask Your Chosen Los Angeles Videographer

Videos are and always will be an integral part of any business’s marketing efforts, especially with the advent of the Internet making it easier to reach a wider audience. Companies usually use marketing videos that are at least partially scripted, and while there’s nothing wrong with that, it can be lacking. It’s actually also possible to film a company event, to show the target audience a side of the company you wouldn’t normally see in the typical marketing video. This is where a Los Angeles videographer comes into play.

Having an employee film the event is okay, but that would mean there’s one person who won’t be enjoying themselves as much. The biggest advantage to hiring a videographer is, they’ll be able to film the event from an outsider’s perspective while showing what’s appealing about the establishment, or its products and services.

Of course, it won’t do to hire just any Los Angeles videographer for the job – you have to make sure you pick the right one.

Ask about their pricing. As we’ve mentioned in previous articles, videographers usually charge a flat rate for a certain amount of time. There are others who offer event packages that could include practical add-ons like an extra cameraman, complicated lighting work, or on-the-spot editing. Ask about these things so that you’ll know beforehand exactly what you’re paying for.

And while we all love freebies, too much of them may actually be a red flag. If the videographer you’re interviewing offers an insane amount of free services with their package, take a step back to assess them. This may be an indicator of their desperation rather than their generosity. In cases like these, use sound judgment and go with your gut.

Find out about the style they use. Typically, videographers use either documentary or cinematic style. Usually, documentary-style videos work best for company events. However, depending on the image you’re building for your establishment, you could use either one of them or a mix of both.

It’s important to know what style the videographer uses, or you could end up paying for a video you don’t actually like, or doesn’t fit with your company’s image. Vidyard recommends learning what types of videos are within their comfort zone and then using that list as a jumping point to begin negotiations, compromises, and collaborations for projects.

Ask about equipment. Besides knowing what comes with the package you’re thinking of getting, you need to know what equipment the videographer will be using. You’ll want to know if there’ll be a backup camera or two, and even what sort of microphone the videographer will be using to capture audio during the event. That way, you’ll know what to expect and thus make room at the venue for the videographer to store said equipment while not in use.

Ask if they’ve shot at the venue before. Ideally, the videographer you choose should be familiar with your venue. According to The Knot, this puts both you and the videographer at an advantage, as they already know the best lighting and angles in the room. If not, find a way to let them see the venue a day or so before the event so they’ll know how much space they have and what kind of lighting there’ll be.

A good videographer is able to adapt to any venue, but you won’t want to hire one who’s too carefree and treats the venue as an inconsequential detail. If that’s what happens, look for another Los Angeles videographer, and ask them these questions again.

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