Immortalizing Events: Working with a Los Angeles Videographer

When you’re having an event for your business—be it a fund-raiser, product show, press release, or whatever—it’s always a good idea to capture these events on film. The reason is two-fold; you simultaneously immortalize the event (for you, your colleagues, and any future addition to your company) and you create raw footage you may eventually use for marketing. People love watching behind the scenes videos—just look at the common bonus features in DVD sets. Ergo, hiring a Los Angeles videographer to capture your event is an investment.

But when it comes to the pre- and post-event phases, is it smart to collaborate with your videographer regarding the filming process, or would it be better to just let his/her creative genius shine?

Some argue that letting videographers do whatever they want may result in a disconnect between your vision for the footage and the finished product. Others say that stepping in too much may cause friction between you and the videographer, and the end result may not be worth the fee you paid.

Obviously finding the balance between both scenarios is your best shot at getting the result you want. But how do you know when to step in and when to let your Los Angeles videographer take lead? Here are a few tips:

Make Sure the Focus of Your Event is Clear. Entrepreneur guest writer Maura Gaughan recommends setting up a call between your social media team, your marketing team, and your videographer (plus their crew—videographers will often have one or two assistants, but some may have whole teams). The call will be a very simple briefing on the ins and outs of the event; who will be there, what kind of event it is, and what you hope to achieve or promote through this event.

The point of this call is for them to know what to focus on or what to emphasize using creative angles and high-definition shots. For instance, wedding videographers will always focus during the bride’s walk down the aisle, the exchanging of vows, and the first married kiss. However, at other times during the ceremony, such as the eulogy or speech, they might record different people’s reactions or do artistic shots of the venue.

If you’re having a celebrated keynote speaker arrive or you’re unveiling your new product for the commercial market, the videographer should know that ahead of time.

Finalize Logistics Ahead of Time. This is for both sides; you should let your videographer know how many people you’re expecting, because there is a huge difference between filming 50 people in one venue and 100 people in the same. On their end, however, they should let you know how many crewmembers they have and roughly how much equipment they’ll be bringing. Bridal Guide suggests asking the videographer exact numbers regarding the extra hands he/she will be bringing on.

As the person in charge of the event, you’ll want to know if their lighting rigs are going to mess up (or completely block) the Grecian columns or the fairy lights you had hung from the rafters. You’ll also want to know if their boom mics will be getting in the way of people walking up and down the hall.

Finalizing logistics with your crew is crucial for a smooth and successful run, and must be done at least two or three weeks in advance. This gives both parties plenty of time to adjust should there be last-minute changes in the guest list, equipment availability, or venue. Other than those two areas, there’s no need for you to step in.

Hiring an experienced Los Angeles videographer pretty much assures you that the talent and creativity level will be above par. As long he/she knows who to focus on and where they can setup their lighting rigs, the actual video-and-capture process will go smoothly.

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