How Video Production Is Transforming Marketing

At some point in our lives, we have all shared a social media post. You are almost certain to run across some sort of video advertising if you surf any social media platform. Businesses and companies of all sizes are incorporating video production into their own distinct digital marketing strategies. Utilizing video to advertise content is no longer optional; it is a requirement for success.


Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and Twitter have all introduced video-related features that provide any business or organization with access to video marketing tools. Not only are these online platforms used to interact with friends, but they are also used to receive and disseminate news. News organizations such as FOX and CNN are taking advantage of this to keep their followers informed of breaking news or stories they believe their audience will enjoy.


Social media platforms have all integrated live video broadcasting into their platforms as a means for users to interact with their audiences. When something is broadcast on a real-time basis, viewers are more receptive, allowing the company’s message to be communicated far more quickly. According to a Brightcove study, 79% of respondents believe that online videos on social media are the most convenient way to learn about a brand via digital media.


With the acquisition of YouTube by Google, the ranking of a company’s website in Google’s search results has risen significantly. Because of this, businesses want to have their website appear near the top of search results when potential customers conduct a search on a specific subject.

Thus, if a website contains embedded videos, Google deems the information to be relevant. In fact, Hubspot reports that about 93% of brands claimed they got new customers as a result of videos shared on their social media accounts, with 84 percent of that proportion making a purchase after the video.


Developing a high-quality video marketing campaign does not require a large expense, especially when extra social media features and integrations are utilized. Simple video production aspects such as quality cinematography, stable camera positioning, and an emphasis on a topical or popular topic are crucial for attracting a huge audience.

Brand loyalty is built through educational, action-packed videos that connect viewers to their personal favorites, brands, and subjects. As video marketing expands in popularity and accessibility, platform users receive access to a priceless, transparent brand experience.

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