How Video Production Companies Make Sure Their Gear Is Germ-Free

A lot of hygienic steps have been set in motion as part of the COVID-19 pandemic prevention. For instance, video production companies are urged to sanitize or decontaminate their gear quite often. However, you need to be extra cautious when cleaning your equipment such as your cameras and lenses. There are a number of misconceptions that freelance videographers do when cleaning their gear. In this short article, we will discuss how you can successfully disinfect equipment without damaging it.

Here are several ways you can follow:

Use Isopropyl Alcohol To Clean Camera Lenses

According to medical experts, there’s no harm in using isopropyl alcohol at 60 percent or higher concentration to disinfect camera equipment. And although several manufacturers have said that they will not use the specified concentration, experts are certain that the equipment is going to be safe. Nevertheless, it is vital that you should not rub the lens excessively, because doing so can damage the lens coating. Just gently rub the lens with a soft cleaning cloth.

Avoid Using Too Much Disinfectant

Although some might assume that more disinfectant would make their equipment cleaner, they won’t.  It’s pointless to soak your gear because a small amount of disinfectant is going to work just fine. In fact, too much disinfectant can permanently damage your camera equipment. When sanitizing, it is essential to keep all the fluid out of the gear. For example, if water or isopropyl alcohol is inside your camera, it can cause problems. Don’t forget that the more disinfectant you employ, the more likely it is to spill through.

Use Soap and Water To Clean Specific Areas

You can use a small amount of soap and water with a dip sponge to clean appropriate areas of your equipment. This would include parts such as the lens camera rubber, barrels, and light stands. When these areas are cleaned with soap and water, let them sit for 30 minutes and then wash them off with a soft cloth. Moreover, avoid the use of water and soap in areas that are hard to get into.

According to video production companies, it is vital to disinfect your equipment as a safety measure to combat the coronavirus. Moreover, just make sure you don’t soak your gear and keep the cleaning process as simple as possible. It is important not to overdo things to avoid significant damage to your equipment.

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