How Video Production Companies in Los Angeles Proactively Track Your Video’s Success

We’ve openly discussed how successful videos are for generating high-potential leads. While many digital marketers see video marketing as a useful tool to help them move through the sales funnel, understanding how to properly track and assess a video’s success is an important part that many marketers overlook. This is something that video production companies in Los Angeles never disregard.


Marketers may utilize a range of digital touchpoints to track and measure the success of a video. However, with the plethora of different distribution channels available online, it can be tough to determine what is and is not working. If you want to acquire a clear picture of how you can assess the efficacy of your video campaign as a digital marketer, here are four ways to do so:


  • Engagement rate. The engagement rate focuses on the interaction that your video receives from viewers. It clearly shows how long someone viewed your video and whether or not they completed watching Your engagement rate reflects the quality of your brand message, the uniqueness of the video, and its overall duration (whether it is too short or too lengthy).


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  • Social shares. The number of times your video has been shared on social networking platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Social sharing indicates how well your videos are received. If your video receives a lot of shares, it simply implies that it struck a chord with your audience. Not to mention, people will not bother sharing anything uninteresting.


  • This one is straightforward. A video’s view count refers to the number of times it has been seen. Every distribution platform measures view count differently. A YouTube view, for example, lasts 30 seconds, but a Facebook view lasts only 3 seconds. Understanding how your visitors interact with your video based on the number of views will help you develop successful ways to boost engagement and audience reach.


  • This is most likely one of the most crucial factors to consider when attempting to assess the success of your video. Feedback is critical since it tells you whether your video is performing properly. Nonetheless, consider each remark (good or bad) as an important component of developing your video properly.


Proper assistance from video production companies in Los Angeles can be useful for newcomers. If you believe you require more support in tracking and assessing the effectiveness of your video, employing a team of video specialists can benefit your video’s overall success.

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