How To Use Video To Start Your Brand’s Year On The Right Track

The first quarter of the year is one of the most interesting times for companies. Of course, there are different trends for different industries. But, the general outlook is how Q1 is where brands face a slowdown from the fast-paced events of the holidays. For instance, with most customers spending their money during the holidays, sales may be slow for companies. This is an issue that video production companies in LA want to address. With that, below are the top ways on how your brand can use video to start your year right.

Using Video To Gain Brand Loyalty

The holidays introduced your brand to a whole new audience/customers, a group of first-time buyers. Q1 is the perfect time to retain these customers and gain brand loyalty in the process. There are many ways that you can utilize video for this, such as commercials that customers will see on social media platforms, reminding them of your brand. 

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Using Video For Long-Term Projects

Sales-heavy content is not very effective for customers during Q1. Instead, focus on accomplishing irregular projects in your brand that are deprioritized in the latter part of the year. These projects include company rebranding, website updates, etc. You can use video, say, to explain the changes and roll out your company’s new brand.

Using Video To Close Deals From Last Year

There will always be stubborn deals that you weren’t able to close from last year. Q1 is the time to revisit these deals and check whether they are still viable or not. There are two ways that you can use video here. First, you can send a special video for each client, replacing a typical email or a phone call. Next, you can send them testimonial videos to show them how your products/services have helped others.

Using Video To Hit Marketing Goals

If you have ambitious marketing goals for the year, better start them now in Q1. Yes, sales will be slow during this time, but there’s no reason to stop your marketing efforts in terms of brand awareness, customer retention, and more. You may start producing product videos, video ads, testimonials, and other video content that will help you hit your marketing goals.

If you’re ready to get started with your Q1 – 2022 video marketing plans, check out video production companies in LA, such as Brandefy, to help you out.

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