How To Start A Vlog in 2024: The First Guide For Aspiring Vloggers

Having discovered your niche, an enchanting locale, and a captivating narrative, you might believe you’ve unearthed the formula for the ideal vlog. However, are you acquainted with the appropriate equipment selection and filming techniques required to meet the discerning expectations of your audience? Within this article about how to start a vlog, we unveil valuable tips suitable for both novices and seasoned vloggers seeking enhancement. Learn the secrets to crafting exceptional vlogs that foster viewer loyalty – mastering techniques for achieving steady and clear footage, understanding the significance of inventive framing, and capturing pristine audio quality.

What is a Vlog?

A vlog, a condensed form of “video blog,” mirrors the concept of a traditional blog, which is a website where authors provide frequent updates, typically centered around a specific subject. Bloggers often adopt a conversational style in their writing to establish a stronger connection with their readers. Likewise, in a vlog, an individual or a collective uploads regular video updates on designated subjects. It commonly involves someone employing a camera to casually engage with an audience, conveying information and sharing updates about their life or the vlog’s focal point.

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What is the best platform for Vlogging in 2024?

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Various platforms offer opportunities for creating a vlogging channel and sharing video content. YouTube stands out as the primary platform for highly-viewed and successful vlogs, but alternatives such as Instagram, TikTok, and Twitch also provide avenues for publication. While the fundamental components involve a video format and web-based publication, the creative possibilities extend boundlessly. Your vlog can adopt instructional or performance art elements, embody documentary or comedy styles. Beyond mere videos, it can incorporate text, images, and engaging features, allowing you to convey your message effectively while entertaining your audience. Whether filmed in a single take or meticulously edited, the potential for expression is limited only by your imagination.

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As video content solidifies its position as a widely embraced and favored medium for diverse content, the array of choices available continues to expand. Among the noteworthy platforms are:

  • Facebook
  • Facebook Live
  • Instagram Stories
  • Instagram Live
  • TikTok
  • Twitch
  • Vimeo

Whether your aim is to experiment with different video formats, broaden your audience reach, or engage with a demographic distinct from the typical YouTube audience, these platforms offer valuable avenues for achieving those objectives.

What do I need to become a Vlogger in 2024?

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Alright, now that you grasp the concept of vlogging, let’s delve into the essential equipment required to answer your question about how to start a vlog. Initiating a vlog can be as straightforward as utilizing your smartphone camera. In fact, you can even generate some income from this basic setup. However, if your aspiration is to elevate your vlogging enterprise to a more professional standard, the following tools become indispensable:

1. Video Camera

Investing in a superior camera can enhance the clarity and professionalism of your videos, elevating your standing as a vlogger and enhancing the overall viewer experience. When acquiring a camera, it’s advisable to also procure a tripod for a stable platform that can be easily adjusted according to your filming location.

2. Microphone

Given that your vlog primarily aims to establish a connection with your audience through video content, it is crucial to ensure the presence of a high-quality microphone. Although certain cameras and phones may have built-in microphones, it is advisable to place a dedicated microphone closer to you to enhance the overall audio quality.

3. Lightning

Consider obtaining specific lighting options that you can position above or behind the camera to ensure adequate illumination of your video, showcasing your intended content. If possible, arrange your recording space in a location with natural light to minimize the necessity for extra equipment and associated costs.

4. Editing software

Frequently, it is necessary to modify your videos by adjusting the audio, trimming scenes, or configuring video settings after importing a video onto your device. It is advisable to assess your unique requirements, as various video editing software options may offer distinct features.

What is an ideal Vlogging camera?

If you’re committed to learning how to start a vlog, a mere camera won’t suffice – you’ll need a high-quality vlogging camera with superior resolution, such as those offered by Sony, Canon, or GoPro, to ensure optimal viewing.

Possessing the best camera guarantees that your videos maintain a high standard, a definite advantage for both you and your audience. After all, no one enjoys watching videos of subpar quality.

Outlined below are key attributes to seek in a camera:

  1. A flip-around LCD screen – For vloggers, it’s essential to have a screen that can rotate to the front, enabling you to monitor yourself while filming.
  2. Image quality and resolution (Full HD or 4K) – While 4K isn’t obligatory, it provides flexibility for cropping and reframing videos, even if most YouTubers upload in 1080p (Full HD). Opting for 4K is a future-proof choice.
  3. Autofocus system with effective tracking – Particularly beneficial when recording yourself in motion, an efficient autofocus system eliminates the need for constant camera adjustments. Features like face and eye autofocus can be especially advantageous.
  4. External microphone port – Enhancing the audio quality of your video content, an external mic port contributes to a more professional overall presentation.
  5. Excellent photo quality – To avoid the inconvenience of carrying multiple cameras, assess the photo quality of your chosen camera, as it should excel in capturing still images as well.

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How to start a Vlog in 2024?

how to start a vlog
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With the increasing accessibility of new video technology, a growing number of individuals and businesses are leveraging vlogs as a tool to enhance brand promotion. Vlogging facilitates the connection of people with a broader audience, allowing them to showcase various areas of expertise. This approach can prove to be an effective strategy for enhancing business performance. Acquiring knowledge about vlogging can assist you in assessing whether this content format is suitable for benefiting you or your company.

Below are the crucial factors that you need to consider to ensure that you’ll be able to start your vlogging career in 2024 successfully:


The art of storytelling involves crafting a narrative capable of conveying a message effectively. Vlogs often revolve around a central theme, be it cooking or fashion. In each episode, one can share personal experiences related to a specific facet of the theme, articulating actions, thoughts, and insights gained or intended to be shared. Storytelling serves as a valuable tool for honing marketing skills, as businesses frequently employ this technique to communicate their brand messages.

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Human Connection

Vlogging facilitates a more intimate connection with the audience. Viewers often engage as the creator directly addresses them in a conversational tone, fostering a sense of personal interaction. This personal connection is instrumental in enabling the audience to gain deeper insights into the creator, their products or services, or a particular idea. Given the widespread popularity of vlogs, exploring this medium can swiftly expand one’s audience and foster meaningful connections.

Revenue Potential

Through vlogs, creators can discuss their products, services, or industry-related topics. This presents an opportunity to showcase the value of goods to consumers, influencing them to make additional purchases. As a vlog gains a following, monetization becomes possible by linking videos to advertising or sponsored content. This strategy can significantly augment revenue, even without the primary intention of directly selling products on the channel.

Professional Video Production

Vlogging entails working with personal video technology and software. With each vlog created, one can acquire knowledge of diverse lighting, camera, and editing techniques, thereby elevating the overall quality of videos. Even individuals with minimal experience can benefit from online tutorials covering aspects like adjusting camera settings or editing recorded scenes. Highlighting these technical skills on a resume can enhance employability for positions requiring basic technology proficiency. Furthermore, if you find yourself needing extra hand to get this aspect taken care of, you can count on Brandefy to do the heavy lifting and help you with your journey on how to start a vlog that works.

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How to start a Vlog? Start here!

Similar to any valuable endeavor, the process of creating a thriving vlog demands time, dedication, and steadfast commitment. Therefore, approach it methodically, focusing on one vlog at a time. Begin by crafting an exceptional inaugural video that introduces both yourself and your vlog, and then progress organically. Pay attention to the reception of your most well-received videos and adapt to the evolving preferences of your audience. With persistence and diligence, you will gradually establish yourself as an authentic and accomplished vlogger.

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