How To Incorporate Video In Your Email Marketing Campaigns

Many think email marketing has lost its touch due to more high-tech channels. But, the reality is that it still works more than ever. Moreover, it is one of the most simple and low-cost channels for brands to utilize for their digital marketing efforts. However, since it’s a long been used channel, you need to spice things up to attract your customers who are immune to receiving emails from brands. For this, video production companies in Austin recommend incorporating video into your email marketing campaigns. Below are three major ways on how to do so.

Adding A Play Button On A Still Image

One of the best ways to “embed” is to add a play button on a still image of your original video. And when your readers are interested in the topic, they may click the play button and are redirected to the full video. The only thing that you need to do is make sure that the image is clickable by adding the right links on the backend. You can redirect your readers to your landing page with videos or platforms such as YouTube or Vimeo.

Utilize GIFs

Did you know that if you have a really short video, you can make it into a GIF? This type of content is very dynamic and helps you highlight points in your email. In addition, it ensures that your content moves within the email, although it is embedded as an “image.” If you’re using longer video content, you may also pick your favorite moments and create a GIF out of them. GIFs are also clickable, so you can direct your readers to the full version of the video if they find it interesting.

Consider Using Third-Party Software Tools

Admittedly, there are third-party software tools out there that offer solutions for embedding full videos in emails. It may be a good option so your subscribers can watch your video content right there and then. However, you need full caution when doing this since many email providers have anti-spam protection that blocks full videos. So, be sure to check each email you send out to see whether it works or is sent to spam.

Email marketing is a timeless channel for digital marketing, which is why you need to stand out. If you’re interested in using video for your email marketing campaigns in Texas, you may check out video production companies in Austin, such as today.

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