How Small Production Companies in Los Angeles Thrive in COVID-19 Pandemic Times

In 2020, the whole world was forced to reassess almost every aspect of their daily lives due to the dramatic changes brought about by the novel coronavirus, which has become a global pandemic. All businesses and industries had to make necessary adjustments to survive despite the endless restrictions and preventive measures that need compliance. Thus, in the film and video production industry, how are small production companies dealing with the effects of the pandemic in Los Angeles? What measures are they taking to guarantee that they thrive despite it?

Health Documents and Safety Regulations 

To ensure that preventive measures are followed, video production companies even have to prepare safety and health documents for their crew and other staff to read and sign. These documents detail safety protocols while doing a shoot, like frequent hand washing and the wearing of face masks, face shields, and gloves. Through these documents, crew and staff are guaranteed that the production company cares about keeping everybody’s health and welfare while doing their jobs. 

Smaller Crews and Own Equipment

As a preventive measure against the risk of further spreading the virus, production companies have been hiring smaller numbers of people to work as part of their crew. The sharing of equipment and tools is also discouraged. Usually, you would need camera assistants, camera operators, a gaffer, etc. – not to mention other crew members such as a teleprompter operator. Today, work that required ten people to finish before must be accomplished by only three. As such, video production companies have to become more flexible and quick in doing their jobs.

Less Traveling and More Local Talents 

Travel restrictions and bans are common in most places all over the country and around the globe. Thus, video production activities that require traveling from one place to another is discouraged and, in some cases, even impossible. Because of this, video production companies reduced the need to fly in their crews based in other locations. Instead, they hire more local talent to do the job. Doing so is one way to prevent adding more casualties to the pandemic.

The new normal in film and video production is here, and everyone in the industry should work through it the best they can. Making the most out of the new working environment and creating innovative solutions to improve workflow and management is the challenge for the filmmakers and producers of today. Brandefy is one of the small production companies in Los Angeles that continues to realize its vision of producing high-quality video marketing content despite the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic.

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