How Kickstarter Video Production Helps Your Campaign Yield Results

“While videos are not actually needed for project launch, campaigns with engaging videos have a significantly higher chance of success.” Although this advice came straight from Kickstarter, many people continue to debate whether a Kickstarter video is necessary for a campaign to succeed.

At the moment, Kickstarter’s success probability for fixed fundraising projects is approximately 36%, while Indiegogo’s success rate is approximately 17.1%. Without a Kickstarter video, your campaign has an 85% chance of failing.

Indeed, there is a slim chance that you can successfully fundraise without using video, but with the odds of success already so slim, do you really want to increase the risk? Let us delve a little more into this. Why is Kickstarter video production necessary? How much of an impact does it have on your campaign? Here are three great reasons to think about:

It’s the voice of your brand.

Do not depend on the written page to serve as your campaign’s marketing pitch. A Kickstarter video is your opportunity to provide potential backers with an audiovisual experience of your product. Videos are significantly more successful than photographs since they more accurately portray life, except if you live with your nose buried in a magazine.

Page design is still critical, and you should not omit it from your presentation. Nonetheless, your campaign page serves as a sales letter or even a backup salesperson. Your Kickstarter video serves as the voice of your product. Make its voice heard!

Without it, you may be perceived as lazy.

True, a small fraction of people may choose not to play the video. Nonetheless, without one, potential consumers may conclude that you are willing to cut corners in order to reduce costs or that you do not believe in your brand enough to show it properly. This does very little to foster the trust you wish to develop with your supporters.

It will help your backers visualize themselves using your product.

The disadvantage of online shopping is that you cannot physically touch, feel, or test out a product to see if you will enjoy it. The issue becomes exponentially worse when it comes to unfamiliar products, which are the lifeblood of crowdfunding.

With a Kickstarter video, you can show how your product can be used and how it can benefit your backers. It’s incredibly effective if you can demonstrate your product’s versatility to cater to a broader audience. Even if you have a specific market in mind, do not exclude others. The more widely available your product is, the better.


Crafting your own Kickstarter video can quickly escalate into a major undertaking on its own. If you’re unsure how to start, have no fear. Our team is highly experienced at Kickstarter video production, which means we can assist you.

Brandefy‘s skilled team can develop a Kickstarter video that is aligned with your brand, message, and product. They have the skills, methodology, and expertise necessary to create a great video suitable for Kickstarter and other comparable crowdfunding platforms. Let’s get your project started!

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