How Bulk Uploading Is Destroying Your Video Marketing Strategy

Is there such a thing as too much video?

The internet as a whole has been singing the praises of video and video marketing for quite a while now, so it’s no surprise that a lot of brands and businesses have happily jumped on the bandwagon. Los Angeles video marketing is presented as a lucrative deal with all pros and no cons, which is why it’s easy to see how most brands get lulled into a false sense of security. After all, doubled ROI and at least an 80% increase in conversions are pretty hard stats to ignore.

The Common Misconception

Unfortunately, a lot of brands—especially fresh startups and businesses new to video marketing—fall for the same flawed marketing formula. They’re told that content is king, and that more is always better. They’re told that more content makes them appear more active, thereby increasing traffic flow and viewer-brand engagement.

They’re also told that video is a flawless form of media, and that it’s okay to upload several videos a day because people love videos? After all, one-third of all online activity is spent watching video, with 82% of Twitter users watching video via Twitter and 45% of people watching more than an hour of Facebook or YouTube videos every week.

But here’s a scenario for you: Company A uploads one video a week. That video gets 50,000 views, 2,000 likes, and at least three dozen shares. Company B uploads two to three videos every day. Out of the 12 or 15 videos they upload in a week, their most watched video garners only 80 views, 10 likes, and zero shares. Every other video has less than 20 views, nevermind likes or shares.

In cases like these, less is definitely more.

Reality Check: It’s More Than Just What You Post—and When

Once a business decides to incorporate video into their marketing, what follows is a whirlwind of corporate video production, live streams, and vlogs by the dozen. Why? It’s a basic formula used by a lot of beginners; go on a video editing/recording/production spree, build up your content cache, and then post and share across social media platforms every day.

In between posting, film new videos so that you never run out of content. Rinse, repeat.

We’re here to nip that line of reasoning in the bud.

Bulk Uploading is actually one of the worst marketing moves your team can make. “Constant content” does not translate to “one or two videos a day.” Effective Los Angeles video marketing—or just marketing in general—is about the plan behind the content. How are you going to promote it? Who are you going to promote it to? What platforms is it going on, and will it reach your intended audience?

The Post Checklist

We’re not saying you should disregard content creation completely. Having a source of ready-made, pre-recorded videos that you can re-post and re-share is a great idea. However, you need to move your focus away from the number of posts you’re putting up. Focus instead on:

  • Quality

On the topic of writing a blog post, Smart Blogger encourages writers to reflect on their article through this hypothetical scenario: if you had time for only one post, would your current post be the one you want to leave behind.

Adopting a similar mindset for every video you put up will act as your own form of quality control. People would rather sit through ten minutes of audio-visual gold instead of enduring a full minute of dry, dull, and boring.

  • External Content

If you’re one of those brands that upload a video with “vid000345.mp4” as the title and No description available as the description, then there’s no small wonder YouTube isn’t working for you. People generally avoid videos with those attributes. It tells them you’re too lazy to be bothered to properly title your video and write even a one-sentence description.

You’ve got great video content; don’t neglect the padding. Use hashtags so people find your video via the description, and don’t be afraid to spend time thinking of a succinct—yet catchy—title that will draw people in.

  • Promotion

Posting your video is just step one. Most Los Angeles video marketing strategies fail because they forget to execute step 2: promote, promote, promote. Take your video and share it via every available resource you have. Where is your target market concentrated? Are they mostly on Facebook? Share the link via your Facebook Fan Page. Are they all on Instagram? Create a sixty-second snippet of the video and link them to the full one via your description. Are they all subscribed to your newsletter? Write up a clever email inviting them to watch your latest post.

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