Holiday Video Marketing Ideas For Your Business in LA

The holidays are the times where consumers spend the most. If you want to get ahead of the competition, you need to boost your digital marketing strategies. But, this is also when customers are bombarded with all sorts of ads from the brands trying to get their attention. Consumers will likely ignore your approach as they are bombarded with similar campaigns with other brands. So, what can you do to stand out from the crowd and create highly effective digital marketing campaigns? Our advice is to invest in the fun and creative world of video marketing. Here are holiday video marketing ideas from video production companies in LA.

  • Video Card – Everyone loves receiving cards filled with positive messages during the holidays. A video card is a modern version of a traditional card. All in all, it’s a simple video with a message of wishing your customers the best during the holidays. Keep it fun and happy while showing a bit of personality. Remember, it’s to send positive vibes to your customers and not announce a new product.
  • A Trip Down Memory Lane – Make a short, fun video where you capture the nostalgia of great memories in your business and the people inside it and share it with your customers. It can be a promotional video where you show your audience the people behind the business’s success. It bridges the gap between customer and brand, showing how similar we all are.
  • An Explainer Video – The holidays are hectic. There are many things to do, and customers may need help to get through the season. This is the best opportunity to produce explainer videos or “how-to” videos to get the best out of deals when looking for presents and the like. Make relevant videos for the occasion showing how you are there for your customers.
  • Say Thank You – The spirit of the holidays allows us to show our appreciation and love for those who have been notable in your business success. In this case, your customers. Basically, create a video together with your team, where you let your customers know how grateful you are to them for supporting your business.

If you now have video marketing ideas for your business in the holidays, you can reach out to video production companies in LA to bring them into reality.

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