Here’s Why You Should Take Advantage of Video Marketing in 2021

All marketers would agree that there’s a lot of consideration involved in selecting the type of content marketing that performs best for a business. However, one thing is for sure: video marketing is for everybody. Regardless of the brand, target demographic, or size of the business, using video in your marketing strategy is a surefire way of putting beneficial results on the table.

If you’re entering 2021 without planning to utilize video in your marketing strategy, read through this article to learn some facts that may change your mind.

If you want to create an impact through content marketing, you need to ensure that you’re genuinely engaging your target demographic. Also, take note that no matter how much marketing material you produce, it’s not going to generate conversions – or ROI – if there’s practically no one consuming it. You want people to digest the message, not skip over it. This is where the powerful benefits of video come into play.

Did you know that 78% of online users watch videos every week and that videos will make up more than 82% of all consumer internet traffic by 2022? This is a clear indication that videos are no longer an option but rather a mandatory requirement for a successful marketing campaign.

Some forms of content, like website articles and blog posts, don’t offer as much thorough feedback compared to videos posted on social media channels. While such forms can be shared, videos offer more engagement than text alone. As a matter of fact, videos evoke more emotions that can resonate with audiences on a personal level. And because there is effectively no longer a barrier to access, videos are now more accessible than ever before. In the United States alone, 85% of people watch videos on a monthly basis according to a recent statistic from Statista.

Perhaps the greatest defining characteristic for video is that it achieves the best conversion rate out of all the other methods of content marketing. Market analysis indicates that video conversion rates surpass all other forms of marketing content – and 71% of advertisers agree! Moreover, consumer studies indicate that 85% of marketers gained positive ROI from their video ads.

Should you want to utilize video marketing to your business this year, you can count on Brandefy, a Los Angeles video production company, to help you produce video content that can represent your brand effectively.

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